November 1, 2011

Are You Enlightened? ~ Chandresh Bhardwaj


Lately, I have been meeting a lot of self -proclaimed enlightened souls. The moment you meet them, they will show you their spiritual resume. They will tell you their meditation hours & how they are the best among all ignorant souls. The more they brag about their “power”, the further they are from enlightenment. So, how to know if you are meeting an enlightened soul?

The first characteristic of an enlightened soul is that He is a man of few words. You might see him helping people or communicating with them but mostly He lives in His own world. You will never see Him talking about himself. He is neither egoistic, nor humble; He is just Himself! You will always feel attracted toward a spiritual soul. You will just want to be in His presence & speak your heart out. Once you go near Him, you will feel like a child again. You will feel an enormous energy around Him. If you feel so, just know that you are close to your destination.

When you ask a sleeping person if he’s sleeping, and he says, “Yes”, that means the answer is ‘No’. Spirituality is such a phenomena. It is best answered in silence.


As Founder of the self-discovery center Break The Norms, Chandresh is one of the youngest inspirational New Age teachers of our time. Pursuing initiatives as a life coach, spiritual healer, and friend, his work emphasizes techniques in Eastern Science Healing and Transformation. Sought from people all over the world, his guidance allows for a uncorrupted and honest approach towards spirituality. Primarily, Chandresh conducts programs at Break the Norms to transcend the mind, body, and soul in heightened awareness, serving clients in the USA, India, England and Canada. He also acts as a teacher and mentor in the Chamunda Swami Center of Healing and as the Founder of Spiritual Vidya. As a published writer, Chandresh provokes the spiritual dialogue in themes such as meditation, repressed emotions, power thoughts and tantra. Presently, he contributes to Tathaastu, Natural Awakening, Intent Voice, Hug Yoga, and Elephant Journal. Moreover, Chandresh is a featured guest on Karma Manta’s Spiritual Labs video series on self-growth and wellness.  To read more on Chandresh, visit www.BreakTheNorms.com

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Read 3 comments and reply

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