Awake in the World: Yoga and the Occupy Movement.

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Community lecture at Naada Yoga Montreal. Michael talks about his involvement with Occupy Wall Street and how the leading economists, environmentalists and spiritual teachers are paving the way forward. What does yoga have to offer? How can you serve your community while rooted in the values of non-violence, wakefulness and interdependence?

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About Michael Stone (Centre of Gravity)

Centre of Gravity is a thriving community of Yoga and Buddhist practitioners integrating committed formal practice and modern urban life. We offer weekly sits, text studies, yoga practice and dharma talks. Retreats, guest speakers, online courses and audio talks deepen the feel. Each week Michael Stone dishes a talk, often on primary texts by Dogen, Patanjali, and the Buddha, that are collaged with today's headlines and psychological insights to produce an engaged shape shifting dharma, at once historical, personal and political. Notes on these talks by Mike Hoolboom form the heart of this blog. Michael Stone is a yoga teacher and Buddhist teacher. He travels internationally teaching about the intersection of Yoga, Buddhism and mental health. He has written four books with Shambhala Publications on ethics, yoga's subtle body, inner/outer pilgrimmages, and the sometimes uneasy blend of social engagement and Buddhism. Please check out the website at .


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  1. m stone says:

    We should all be watching oakland in the next three days: