November 24, 2011

Cow Kung Fu.

You can catch him praying to stones… painting small symbols on fabric and weaving together the future with the sweat from his palms.

She calls him from a distant village, where electricity is not a necessity but a burden. Where running water through the tap would cause her to become overweight… until sooner or later she would always be found taking the elevator instead of the stairs.

You can find them together… spinning progress by praying to stones… carefully placing them in areas where shade can be found.  You can find them… quietly and diligently writing a new story.  A story of those who kneel down… surrender… and find a way to blend together religion and faith… in a final attempt to circumvent spiritual war.

 Here you find cows doing kung fu, elephants practicing yoga, and some of the most poisonous snakes in the world simply wanting to be loved.

Plastic bags line the inside of cows’ stomachs, as a motivated few fight to have plastic bags banned throughout the world.  They don’t even worship cows… but they are concerned.

Concerned that our idea of health is twisted with sickness.  That our need for survival is being confused with thinking we have to live in competition.

Perhaps our reasons for living are tough to find when we work all the time; especially when the jobs we keep have no significance to what we enjoy. 

There are people who awake and do the same thing everyday.  Lives enveloped in monotony.   Boredom is the card we have in our hands.  In order to shuffle the deck… we sometimes have to leave everything behind… allow it to fall to the ground and scatter as ashes from a cremated body in the wind.

 Rarely acting upon impulses that ahead leave doubt and responsibility… gambling is illegal, unless you are professional at it.  Playing Russian roulette with stocks is accepted as business… while some are trading others secrets… markets are crashing as waves upon sand… many are being forced to drop what was previously thought as important.  Some are quitting their jobs, yet, how many of us are thanking our boss for firing us?

Taking advantage, not of welfare, but of the time to find yourself.

In the middle of world-wide recession and stress… we make concessions, for there is something more important than what we can earn.  Our time we cannot buy back from the universe.

In the middle of power struggles and welfare checks that are not enough, some conscious business people are meeting environmental concerns and recharging destiny through pondering the tapestry of interconnectedness.

Facing the enemy of war.  How many weapons can we arm ourselves with before our muscles cave in from the weight of meeting terrorists with violent force?

Scrambling for a new way to live.  Carving trees with tattoos and sewing peacock feathers onto our clothes… spiritual soldiers renaming the birds and peering deep into the ocean to see where all the fish have gone.

Plastic floats upon the ocean water… it does not sink, so there is still a chance for us to see it… collect and gather what we have forsaken and lost.

Life is pondering itself.
They say that in times of great abundance, there exists great philosophical progress… and in times of great stress and strain… hurricanes and earthquakes will take shape and remind us of our impotence.

Within all of this there can exist great spiritual revelation.
Now is the time to unite world religions.  Begin praying in new and multiple ways.  Commit diversity as our ritual.  Offer without desiring anything in return.

Answers to problems are more than just new policies, new procedures, new departments and new companies.  Effective organizations need a Movement to live.

Politics without poetry is lifeless.
Religion without acceptance is Ego driven by false projections of a divine wish to be first.

Many try and purchase god through prayer…
love through fear…
happiness through escapism… but we cannot purchase our souls.

What if we began to count differently? Valued coming in last place first? What if we changed what we counted and got rid of the idea of interest? What if we pulled the greatest from each and every culture and tradition? What if we sat upon crystal buildings which through hollow walls autonomously harvested light rays and rain water?  What if we didn’t try to go to the moon until life on earth could peacefully coexist? What if we became the source of our resources? Rearranged our priorities so that we wouldn’t need diamonds on our fingers to express or show love?

What power and strength we could release… if we disarmed the world?


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Read 2 comments and reply

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