November 5, 2011

Desire in My Head.

Photo: Dierk Schaefer

Chapter 3: The Four Desires For the Purpose of Soul
Rod Stryker’s Four Desires (4D) Virtual Book Club

Does anyone remember the show “Herman’s Head?” It was a TV show in the 90‘s where the main characters occupied Herman’s psyche. They played different roles teaming up or plotting against each other to fulfill their own desires. I imagine the four desires: dharma, moksha, kama and artha, as a small cast of main characters in a constant dance in my head.

Dharma desire is our soul’s purpose, and speaks directly to our jiva atman, our individuality. Everyone’s dharma is different and adds to the diversity of this world. Moksha desire speaks to para atman, the supreme divinity. This is the desire for liberation and freedom from suffering. This is why we seek to know something greater, something beyond liberation from the other three desires.

Dharma and moksha, however, are not possible without support and motivation. Artha desire, I like to imagine, is the one that is constantly supporting our dharma first, and then all of our other desires. In order for us to do our duty we need and want physical support like a home, a car, an i-something, books and so on–anything that will help us to actualize our purpose. This also includes those things that are not tangible, like patience and will.

Kama desire is my motivational speaker. When there is pleasure of all kinds closeness, intimacy, beauty, family, art, friendship, as well as sex; it’s going to keep me on track!

We come back to tantra to understand that no one of the four desires is greater or more important than the rest. They conspire to make us our best Self, each taking their turn in the spot light.

Which of your main characters takes over your head?
Which desire do you feel you need to fulfill most? 




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