Limbs, by Sia Tiambi Barnes. (Poem)

Via The Poetry of Yoga
on Nov 10, 2011
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By Sia Tiambi Barnes (Washington, DC)



I dream of nothing
but this one moment
when all of me
has expanded
beyond recognition


I crave sugar
when I’ve lost sweetness,
but dare not medicate
such a wound with a Band-Aid.
Rather, I grow from within
the nectar of seekers.


I am ever moving wind
that makes the music of chimes
and the rustle of leaves,
lest you forget
I am ever with you
dancing upon your tongue.


This playground is lonely
without the knowledge of laughter.


The body
she remembers
all the toils of the mind,
war crimes,
humanity industrialized.
Still, she finds balance.
But she’s a victim
of the injustice of time.
Behold her for a moment
and with the blinking of eyes
she falls into the next.
Pray love embraces her
and she escapes
the gripings of death.

Repetition of steps:
the deception of stress
revealing all of man’s neglect
with untamed beatings of the chest.
Still, what joy
to be gifted with such a mess.
What life to live
with the promise
of no regrets.


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Over this week, The Poetry of Yoga released 1 poem a day from a published author in the Volume 1 Book.  Each author featured is hosting a release event for the book.  This 7th and final poem in the series by Sia Tiambi Barnes coincides with the book release she is organizing in Washington, DC:


The Poetry of Yoga Launch Party. Friday, 11.11.11, 7:30-9:00pm

Participate in the union of traditional and new world yoga articulated through a restorative asana practice, poetry readings, and kirtan. Sia Tiambi Barnes will guide you with gentle heart and mind opening postures as poetry is read from the anticipated anthologies, The Poetry of Yoga featuring words by modern day, world renowned yogis such as Shiva Rea, Sharon Gannon, Krishna Das and Embrace DC’s own, Faith Hunter. Our resident Sanskrit expert, Hari Kirtana-Das will then lead an energetic awakening known as kirtan – the traditional poetry of yoga set to soul freeing melodies. This is a donations-based class, sign up online and offer payment in person. Proceeds go towards One Common Unity, a local 501(c)3 nonprofit that has served more than 6,500 inner-city youth and families with yoga, nonviolence, and conflict resolution.



About The Poetry of Yoga

Two Volumes in Two Years... 300+ yogi poets from 19 countries!... The Poetry Of Yoga, is a massive undertaking of contemporary yogic poetry compiled and edited by yogi and spoken word poet HawaH. The first volume was released on 11.11.11 and the second volume on 12.12.12. Each volume serendipitously contains 333 pages of heart-wrenching poetry. The work was gathered from over 2,000 pages of online submissions. The Poetry Of Yoga is a modern day renaissance of Hafiz, Mirabai, and Rumi. It is an important platform for a new body of work that serves to expand the literary tradition of yoga to include the cultural perspective of the 21st century. The books are also simultaneously raising money for a non-profit organization, One Common Unity. Featured writers in the book include: Rod Stryker, Lilias Folan, Krishna Das, Sharon Gannon, Seane Corn, Joseph Goldstein, Sianna Sherman, Judith Lasater, Aadil Palkhivala, Douglas Brooks, MC Yogi, Chuck Miller, Shiva Rea, Erich Schiffman, Swami Ramananda, Doug Swenson, Leza Lowitz, Michael Stone, Ana Forrest, Tias Little, Angela Farmer, Dave Stringer and many more.


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