Nature Artifacts: I’m Just Going To Be Real Honest About A Few Things. . . .

Via Joana Smith
on Nov 14, 2011
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7 Responses to “Nature Artifacts: I’m Just Going To Be Real Honest About A Few Things. . . .”

  1. Sarah says:

    I Love this. I think this is your best post ever, because you are just saying it. Writing it, clear, simple, powerful, passionate. Love you girl. XOX

  2. Joana Smith says:

    Sarah – Thanks, I think it was your blogging style that helped me see how to do it better..You are so direct! And punchy! cute, I love it..

    Justin – I like the "about being, naturally." … Yeah, yes, good one. that's right… I want to talk about Gay more (in the Princess Testament) . , and also sexy. Because everyone is sexy, and I think something got messed up in our society that made us think that only certain Perfect people can be. Either that, or rude or crass people… Anyway, it's a dichotomy. and a taboo, and makes us all into hypocrites. , Stop breeding hypocrites! That's the problem,. Maybe if we can find our natural state in there through all the fuzz, get back to a true nature (somewhere with less concrete) then maybe we can just live free.

    I'm not sure about the Multi- husbands or wives thing working though. I was just talking about it with my friend Sarah (above), and we decided that it would be weird, and thought it would always be a sort of, "You love her more." issue ALL OF THE TIME.

    But establishing Zion is a beautiful idea:::I see what you mean that Zion cannot be founded by unrelated persons . . . and the idea about having an interrelated tribe of people where everyone shares, male and female are BALANCED, pure's a lovely idea::

    I saw some photos the other day on Flickr that made me think of you. It was a many-storied, many-roomed treehouse mansion with a sanctuary in the center. We were trying to figure out where it was.

  3. Matt says:

    Hey Jo. I love you and I love you art!! Your Bro.

  4. Matt says:

    "your" art I mean! : )

  5. Joana Smith says:

    Well said–Justin, I always liked that there was that aspect of the tribe where people could choose to be monogamous if that was what worked better for them.. you wouldn't want love to become confused, and then become a burden.

    But the whole idea of it reminds me of something my friend said to me yesterday, he said, "There's nothing finer in this world than friendship. You have friendships and then you die."

    And that made a lot of sense in light of what you're speaking of. Mostly it's a very people-reliant idea. I think being so sealed into our houses with only one or two others has been what's made the culture more materialistic. Looking for things to fill an emptiness that is really about finding honest nourishing interaction. People need to be heard.

    For tomorrow—friendship is the wave of the future. Railroads, buttons, coins, normal stuff. I hope we can talk more.

  6. Jill Barth says:

    Thanks much. You'll find this shared on the elephant green Facebook page.