Sweet India (Poem by Brittany Policastro)

Via The Poetry of Yoga
on Nov 9, 2011
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By Brittany Policastro (Pennsylvania)

Sweet India

I long to take sweet breaths of wisdom,

masked by the funk of dirt roads paved with cow manure.
If I get still enough I can smell it,

despite the fact that I am half way across the world.

It followed me lovingly as I traveled your earth,

embedded with tracks of many footprints searching.
They are always searching.

I want to desperately feel the heat of your sun

scorch the accidentally exposed strip of skin

on my embarrassed shoulder.

I want to feel the splatters of mud slap my calf

as it is flung from my flip flops.
But I am afraid.

For if I leave the neatly nestled confines of my country

in search of a truth I can so easily see

when I am feet away from the majesty of the Himalayas,

plunging my toes in the courage of the Ganga,
I know I may never return.

But then I remember what you helped to reveal

is neatly nestled in the meadows and fields of my heart,
embedded in the clouds and oceans that are my soul.
It is the very fabric of my breath

and the vision I see when my eyes are clear.

And I can feel that anywhere.
But with your help it surely is the sweetest.


More information on this Contemporary Anthology can be found at www.ThePoetryOfYoga.com.

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  2. CSR says:

    wow! I love this… illustrates so perfectly the feeling many people have after they visit India 🙂

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