This Will Get Your Shakti Up!

Via Valerie Carruthers
on Nov 10, 2011
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You know those days that suck before they start? Days like that are a definite indicator that your Shakti is probably shot. Or to put it another way, your prana—that cosmic life force energy—is low. And the weird thing is that you were so high on life just the day before.

Too much of a good thing, something that snuck under your radar and unavoidable forces of nature can spin your Shakti into a 360, pushing it right down the tubes before you can say Ayurveda.

This video may well be the universal remedy for low Shakti. It’s not about Yoga. Yet it’s everything Yoga is about.

The last part is one of the most heart-pumping, goose-bumping, throat-lumping moments you will ever see. You will become truly awake and fully Shaktified all day. Namaste.

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About Valerie Carruthers

Valerie is a maverick yogini who loves teaching and practicing Yoga and meditation as well as writing for magazines and the Web, not always in the same order or on the same day. She first practiced Yoga in New York City back when there were mainly “Hatha” classes and no soundtracks. When performing an asana had absolutely nothing to do with toning one’s ass. Based in east central Florida, she has taught classes to diverse populations for the past decade. Valerie is currently focusing on teaching workshops that combine Yoga and art-making for all levels. When wearing her freelancer’s hat, Valerie writes about a) how to devolve from the world and evolve spiritually and b) whatever fascinates her about where the social face of Yoga in its rapidly shifting manifestations merges into the cosmic face of Yoga in all its blazing glory.


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  1. Tanya Lee Markul says:

    LOVED THIS!! Amazing story.

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