Total Permission to Say “Yes!” to Life!

Via Helene Rose
on Nov 21, 2011
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Engaging & inspiring words & music by Wahkeena Sitka

I give myself total permission to follow my heart
to listen to my desires
to love myself completely
to make myself happy & joyful
to be deeply fulfilled
and live in purposeful ecstasy.

My body is an Open & Receptive temple for Divinity, Joy, Bliss, Fulfillment & Soulful Purpose to embody within.

I give myself complete permission to turn myself on
to bathe in love
& to embody the grace & wisdom of feminine divinity.

I am an activated Goddess overflowing with an abundance of Love, Joy, Bliss, Self-Love, Wisdom, Life Force Energy & Soulful Healing Creativity.

I say yes to Fulfillment
I say yes to Heart Wisdom
I say yes to Authentic Desire
I say yes to Joy
I say yes to Creativity
I say yes to Sensuality
I say yes to My Soul’s Purpose
I say yes to Sexuality
I say yes to Abundance
I say YES to Freedom & Liberation
I say yes to LIFE.

“May All Beings Nourish Themselves with Self-Love.”


About Helene Rose

Helene Rose, MS, is passionate about supporting women to live brilliant lives and founded Be Brilliant Network LLC to serve as a portal for women to step into their radiance. Her life experience provides her with a deeply compassionate perspective and understanding of the modern woman’s struggle for mindful living and feminine empowerment. She lives in Boulder, CO with her family. Read more about Helene >>> HERE.


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