November 11, 2011

Transcendent Orgasm.

“Pleasure is the object, duty and the goal of all rational creatures.”  ~ Voltaire

Orgasm transforms our physical bodies into a vessel of energy. Our cellular physical boundaries fade as our bodies become the vehicle that transports us into experiences that connect us to universal energy, our spiritual source. Studies have confirmed that as many as one in twenty individuals experience a transcendent experience in orgasm. The range of experiences cited were unique and included a shift of space and time, including a sense of timelessness and vast emptiness,  a sense of electric light-filled bodies, and a transformation of self and other converging in intersecting paths of spirit and sexuality.

For many people the spiritual awakening that comes through these kinds of transcendent orgasm is life changing. It reorganizes their beliefs about sexuality and God. In fact, of all life experiences that open the doorway to intensely spiritual experience, sex is the most common and ordinary, which is to say that it is readily available to ordinary people. In fact there are some historical notions that the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden was actually orgasm because it held the secret to connection with the divine through our deepest capacity to connect to each other.

While there are hundreds of scientific studies that demonstrate the physical, mental and emotional health benefits of orgasmic pleasure, the spiritual connection that our deepest sexual pleasure opens to us might be the most life-changing reason to pursue an evolving relationship with orgasm. Indeed, the French term for orgasm “le petit mort,” which means “small death” is indicative of the process where we release our ego-driven self in a divine connection to each other and the universe is revealed.

The challenge of finding this transcendent orgasm might be as simple as discovering our innate ability to let go. Begin with developing a daily routine of learning to physically recognize where and how stress lives in your body and practice releasing it. Not only is this a secret of graceful aging, but even more profoundly, the practice of release opens us to the mysterious and compelling territory of experiencing sexual pleasure. Releasing our control is simultaneously the path and the reward into the transcendent and mysterious human orgasm.

Working towards developing your pleasure capacity and having the courage to witness your unique, yet universal connection to all humanity through your erotic self is the evolution of mastery in human life. Freeing ourselves from the constraints of our culture and embracing our sexual selves as the wise energetic transformers that they are is a path to inner peace. We are all born with the birthright to know our divine source through the physical love of the bodies we were born into. This is the fertile ground at the root of all healing and the place that love is born.

The meaning of orgasm lies at the why of it all. It is the connection we all seek, beyond the illusion of separation. Each individual unique moment of exquisite pleasure sews us all together in a web of love.


Author: Wendy Strgar
Image: Flickr/Darla دارلا Hueske

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