Trungpa Rinpoche said the ideal human emotion is smiling & crying at the same time.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Nov 29, 2011
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A better quality version :

Austin teenager Karinya Chen, well known after video of her bedside concert by musician Florence Welch — of the band Florence and the Machine — went viral, has died at age 15 after a six year battle with bone cancer.

Chen had a ticket to see the band when they played an Austin concert back in May, but she was too ill to attend. Hospice Austin organized the concert at Christopher House, where Chen was being treated.


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10 Responses to “Trungpa Rinpoche said the ideal human emotion is smiling & crying at the same time.”

  1. Smiling and crying…and sharing it. Wonderful!

  2. And now I'm crying. And smiling.

  3. Ana Maria Milan says:

    Thus we see the Shambhala rainbows

  4. Lezlee says:

    Ditto Kate ! What a beautiful moment …

  5. alice_2112 says:

    crying and smiling – this is what happened when I watched that video of those beagles being freed from the hands of vivisectors

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  9. theresa esposito says:

    Doesn't every child just want their "daddy"? And for all those adults, their inner child still waiting…for daddy? My "daddy" left when I was seven. I saw him a handful of times…I am 54 today, sitting here with tears in my eyes, because I know I would hug my dad and sob in just the same way, could I lay my eyes and hands on him once more…

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