December 16, 2011

Anonymous Angels Save Christmas.

“It was like an angel fell out of the sky and appeared in our store.”

(Photo: Katarina Silva)



We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.” 

~ Lucretius




Isn’t it great to hear a heartwarming news story for a change? Some anonymous “angels” have been stepping in to give Santa a little extra help this year. Customers with layaway accounts at their local Kmart stores in Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana and Montana have all gotten calls this week that their accounts have been anonymously paid in full.

It’s unclear as yet whether this is an organized happening, or just inspired individuals. Most of the reports have come from Kmart stores, but a few Wal-Marts have reported similar pay-offs. Reports say that often these “angels” inquired about the accounts that were the most behind, or that had children’s items, when choosing who to help.

In a store in Indianapolis, after paying off the layaway accounts of 50 people, a woman handed out $50 bills and paid for all the purchases of a woman waiting in line.

In the midst of stories about corrupt politicians, horrendous tragedies, senseless corporate greed and censorship,  it’s hard to want to read the news sometimes. Most times what I read motivates me to get involved, to speak up, to vote and to do what I can where I am to create positive change. Sometimes, it just makes me feel angry and tired.

Hearing this news today gives me hope.

The economy may be failing, but we are not failing each other.

(Photo: Pink Sherbet)


Many could look at their tightened belts, and dwindling funds and close off any desire to be of benefit. Instead, people all over are reaching out, seeking out those in need to help where they can. Does it take a guardian angel to give like that, freely, with no desire for anything in return?


It takes you and me.

I’ll lend you a wing!





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