December 3 – reverb11 – Anicca (Change)

Via Michelle Margaret Fajkus
on Dec 3, 2011
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What did you let go of this year? Whom did you let go?o

Anicca. Anicca. Anicca. Everything that arises passes away sooner or later. It’s a fact of life. You know it, I know it. And yet we so often want to deny the fact. Pretend like things can stay the same, relationships can stay the same, people don’t change, there is some semblance of sameness, of control. The sooner we can accept the reality of constant change, the better. Breathe it in. The present moment only lasts a moment. Change is the only constant. The only “stability” to be found is in change itself.


I lost Lucy on March 27. It was the worst day of my year and one of the hardest of my life. Yet, the moment of despair was also a moment of epiphany. In an instant, she was gone forever, but (once the initial shock passed), as long as I was present, I could sense Lucy’s sweet loyalty and undying devotion. Tangibly. In my heart. And I still can. And I always will.

“When the heart truly understands, it lets go of everything.” ~ Ajahn Chah

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Michelle Margaret is a Gemini yogini, writer, teacher and retreat leader who founded Yoga Freedom in 2002 in Austin, Texas. Her home since 2012 is Lake Atitlán, Guatemala where she lives in a tiny eco cabin with her Colombiano partner and their adorable daughter, dog and two gatos. Michelle has been writing this column for elephant journal since 2010 and has written some inspiring books, with more on the way. She leads yoga and mindfulness retreats and serves as the retreat managers for the stunningly beautiful Villa Sumaya on majestic Lago Atitlan. Her lineage is the very esoteric Yoga Schmoga, which incorporates hatha yoga asana, dharma (Buddhist) teachings, pranayama (breath work), yin yoga, mindfulness practices and meditation. Join Michelle on retreat in Guatemala!


14 Responses to “December 3 – reverb11 – Anicca (Change)”

  1. Tanya Lee Markul says:

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    Tanya Lee Markul, Yoga Editor
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  2. Valerie Carruthers says:

    This year I've been letting go of old concepts around my creative abilities. The last several years were more about letting go of material things—house, car I was in love with—interestingly I think they were getting in the way of my going deeper creatively.

    One of the hardest to let go of is when close friends move on. That's happened twice this year, first with a bff going off to further her studies in another part of the country. Another is when health issues and treatment bring on changes in someone's mental state, which happened with an elderly friend who was previously active and vibrant.

    Paradoxically, letting them go leaves more in my heart to hold them in a space of love. Whatever I may have been feeling at the time of letting them go I allowed myself to fully feel. In offering them blessings and lovingkindness my heart stays clear and open. In that way my closeness with them remains fresh and present.

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  4. mujerzen says:

    this is beautiful, thank you for sharing your loss and lesson. I've used this prompt for today's Reverb11 on my blog.

  5. Sad and beautiful Michelle! I lost my "Lucy" (12 yr. old cat) about a month ago. Losing pets is so hard!

    I think letting go of control and letting go of attachment have been big for me this year. They are illusions anyway, but it is so hard not to hold tight to them sometimes. And letting go of them allows things that aren't supposed to be in my life to float away like the little girl's kite, and beautiful new things in that maybe I was holding at bay.

    Life is an ocean. Things fall apart and come together. They swell like the crest of a wave, they crash, they wash away again. Trying to hold on to the illusion of control is like trying to contain the ocean in a pail. We can only sail when we let go.

  6. yoga freedom says:

    "…In offering them blessings and lovingkindness my heart stays clear and open. In that way my closeness with them remains fresh and present." I love this. Thank you for reverbing today!
    With metta,

  7. yoga freedom says:

    Thank you for reverbing!

  8. yoga freedom says:

    I love your last paragraph. Life is an ocean. I've never thought about the wave metaphor quite like that before. Thanks for reverbing!
    With metta,

  9. Doe says:

    Since my word was grief and my theme is loss, there are has been much letting go this year..most of it not of my own choosing.
    I visited Badrinath this year, the temple of liberation in India. Moksha. Release. and here I did finally release quite a bit. None of it I was prepared it release, I was willing to hold on to it forever, but it released it self from me. The angry grief made room for loving grief, for sadness instead of anger, for appreciation instead of more anger. I was blessed to be in that space at that time. Letting go was not easy, but worth it.

  10. yoga freedom says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Loren. Letting go is intense and there are so many layers upon layers to let go of. Rest assured that your something new will unfold as you go through this process of releasing so many old beliefs and attitudes.

  11. yoga freedom says:

    Sounds amazing. Thanks for reverbing!