December 15, 2011

Fear of the Belly. Take 2!

The post I wrote a couple days ago, “Fear of the Belly. A Cultural Epidemic” generated quite a bit of buzz regarding the photo I chose to post with it.

Why would a discussion about the realness of the belly include a picture that has defined hip bones and a tiny belly? The picture inspired this entire post. Without it it wouldn’t have been written and thus it was essential to include the photograph. While this belly is little it still doesn’t have the rock hard abs I spoke of and does have a small layer of fat. While it most likely has been photoshopped, as everything is these days I can almost guarantee that when this model sits down she still has some “fat” rolls lump over on her stomach. These “fat” roll are most likely a small layer of subcutaneous fat and skin and what I always deemed unsightly in my own mind and on my own body.

This purpose of this post was to talk about what comes from inside the belly. The emotions that are housed within and how this can make us feel that our bellies are unsightly and grotesque in spite of what their outward appearance might be.

The belly is the powerhouse of our soul. A thinking, breathing, vibrant, life-giving part of us. None of us would be here without the expansive abilities of the belly to grow round and full. To accumulate life affirming fat for growth and development. A quote left on my own blogfrom my own dear mother:

“The belly fills in a full breath. The belly fills with the satisfaction of food, nurturance. But, most importantly, the belly fills with new life. It rounds with the growth of the uterus, our progeny, our hope. When my belly grew with you, it was perhaps the highlight of my life.”

I thus give you a montage of real bellies. Bellies that have carried children, been through illness, surgery, joy, pain, happiness…life.

Would you be interested in including YOUR belly in a post with the heart mudra?  If so take a picture and send it to me at hannah.siegle(at)gmail.com!  Let’s make our own real belly gallery!

Photo Credits: xojane.com

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Read 14 comments and reply

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