December 31, 2011

Four reasons that, while the world may end today, it won’t be because of the Mayan Calendar.

The end is nigh? Nay: “The Mayan calendar does not predict the end of the world…” (Video)

Bonus, new video:

2012 Truth



The End is Nigh? The Hype is High.

We humankind love the fear that is “The End is Nigh!” It’s fun, like astrology on pcp, and ably distracts us from this present moment, and the hot boredom we have with not having made friends with ourselves.

The below is via Reddit: click here to read 100 more intelligent comments. #1 below refers to this image:

Number 1: That’s an Aztec 6-sun stone in the picture. Not Maya, Aztec. Different culture altogether.

Number 2: The calendar doesn’t end in 2012, the current b’aktun ends. It’s a cyclic calendar, it resets.

Number 3: The Maya didn’t predict anything resembling an apocalypse in 2012. There are continued ‘predictions’ for mankind in Maya inscriptions well into the future. The latest one I’m aware of is a stele in Palenque predicting a celebration of the anniversary of Janaab Pakal’s coronation at the end of the pictun in 4772 CE.

Number 4: It’s stated above, but the Maya calendar is cyclic. Cyclic. Does not end. Resets. Cycles. Get used to it.

Tl;dr: 2012 is bullshit and kind of pisses me off.

Edit: Just read the extant comments. Beaten to the punch on every point, but at least now you have them all in one slightly vitriolic package.

More edit: http://www.maya-portal.net/blog/kenneth-johnson/king-pacal-and-date-4772-ad Read it. Learn it. Shove it in the face of the next fucker you hear mention 20/12/12.

The above comes via Reddit. For more, click here.

For more in-depth on 2012 and the Mayan Calendar, click here.


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