The most meaningful New Year’s resolution: Bodhicitta.

Via Michelle Margaret Fajkus
on Dec 26, 2011
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Fireworks / Happiness?

I love a new year, even if it’s nothing but a faux calendar-based opportunity every 365 days to “start over.” I used to write gobs of detailed resolutions to improve every aspect of my life — physical health, relationships, career, yoga practice, and so forth. It was pretty absurd. For the past few years, instead of setting resolutions, I’ve framed my fresh intentions as new year’s solutions. The difference is subtle but essential. Goals can be a drag; intentions feel like a more flexible and intrinsic form of motivation.

My intention in the coming year, a year of inevitable movement, is to cultivate bodhicitta by studying, practicing and living my Dharma, my truth.

Bodhicitta is the authentic mind and open heart of a Bodhisattva, a peaceful warrior whose “weapons” are compassion, presence, wisdom and equanimity. In practical terms, a Bodhisattva recognizes the interconnectedness of all beings — the truth that we are all the same despite our outward differences in appearance and personality. No matter how difficult or unredeemable a person may seem, bodhicitta sees the imminent potential of redemption, of kindness, of love.

If you’re new to the whole meditation thing, here are some practical meditation instructions to help get you started.


In An Open Heart, His Holiness the Dalai Lama writes:

Compassion is the very essence of an open heart and must be cultivated throughout our journey.

Equanimity removes our prejudices and enables our altruism to reach all sentient beings.

Bodhicitta is the commitment to actually help them.


First, we must recognize our afflictive emotions and bad habits as evidence of our continuing state of attachment and consider, once again, their harmful nature. Second, we must apply the appropriate antidotes and marshal the determination not to indulge in these emotions further. We must remain focused on our commitment to all sentient beings.

At the beginning of your meditation you should say to yourself, “I will not allow my mind to be distracted by thoughts of the future, anticipations, hopes, or fears, nor will I let my mind stray toward memories of the past. I will remain focused on this present moment.”

Once you have cultivated such a will, you will take that space between past and future as the object of meditation and simply maintain your awareness of it, free of any conceptual thought processes.

Ceremony for generating the altruistic mind wishing enlightenment:

With a wish to free all beings
I shall always go for refuge
To the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha
Until I reach full enlightenment.

Enthused by wisdom and compassion,
today in the Buddha’s presence
I generate the Mind Wishing Full Awakening
For the benefit of all sentient beings.

As long as space remains,
As long as sentient beings remain,
Until then, may I too remain,
And dispel the miseries of the world.

May your 2012 be filled with delight!


About Michelle Margaret Fajkus

Michelle Margaret is a Gemini yogini, writer, teacher and retreat leader who founded Yoga Freedom in 2002 in Austin, Texas. Her home since 2012 is Lake Atitlán, Guatemala where she lives in a tiny eco cabin with her Colombiano partner and their adorable daughter, dog and two gatos. Michelle has been writing this column for elephant journal since 2010 and has written some inspiring books, with more on the way. She leads yoga and mindfulness retreats and serves as the retreat managers for the stunningly beautiful Villa Sumaya on majestic Lago Atitlan. Her lineage is the very esoteric Yoga Schmoga, which incorporates hatha yoga asana, dharma (Buddhist) teachings, pranayama (breath work), yin yoga, mindfulness practices and meditation. Join Michelle on retreat in Guatemala!


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  2. Patricia says:

    hola Michelle!!! leí el articulo "New Year Solutions". Felicitaciones Michelle. Sinceramente creo que el mundo necesita personas como tu; sin darte cuenta me has enseñado mucho a través de tu publicación!
    Te deseo lo mejor durante este nuevo año 2011, y siempre, con todo cariño, Patricia

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  7. Great post, Michelle! Will miss your joyful energy in Taos in March.

  8. yoga freedom says:

    Gracias, Amber! Have a wonderful time at the YAM retreat!! Happy New Year. 🙂

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