December 30, 2011

Shine: A New Boulder Gathering Space. ~ Meredith Potter

Walk into Shine and you’re in for an adventure.

Whether checking out one of the community events, enjoying a delicious meal or hanging out with your computer over a cup of coffee, this new Boulder gathering space has a lot to offer.

Started up by 3 sisters, Jill, Jennifer and Jessica Emich previously owned Trilogy, a local favorite that sold about three years ago.

The opening of Shine is a rekindling of something that was good, with a new twist. When asked how it all came about, Jill said, “We knew we wanted a restaurant and events.” There is an event space for music, meditation, groups meetings and more.

What’s on the menu? The food is all gluten-free, organic, local, and thoughtfully prepared. It’s delicious, hard to tell that it’s gluten free in a good way, and there are plenty of options for vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike. The shrimp are back on the menu, a favorite from Trilogy.

Potions and herbal elixirs are available for those who don’t want alcohol. They have healthy cultures similar to kombucha only stronger, Jill explained. Yummy food plus elixirs equals good digestion, and plenty of choices. Shine makes it possible to go out, have a good time, socialize and drink delicious beverages. They also offer wine, beer and cocktails. Shine boasts of a hard core juicer that keeps the enzymes and vitamins in tact for up to three days. This allows the staff to make plenty of juice that will hold its health benefits.

Shine is all about being local and green. The wood used in remodeling the interior was pine beetle wood. Shine employees visit local farms to pick up veggies and meats, keeping distribution costs down. Abbodanza farms supplies Shine with seconds and thirds, veggies and fruits for juicing that might otherwise go to waste.

When asked why people would want to come eat at Shine, Jill emphasized that there is something for everyone. They serve comfort food with a holistic spin. From burgers and fries to potions, quinoa and in-house brewed beer, everything is made with intention and health in mind. It’s designed to leave people feeling good.

I asked Jill about the choice of location. It has housed a few restaurants in the past that didn’t last long. She explained that the space was cavernous before the Shine renovation. “The ceilings were black and it was very masculine.” They broke up the space, added lights on the ceilings and lightened up the atmosphere. Now renovated, there are walls that section off the restaurant from the event room and create a warmer environment. “It just needed more feminine,” Jill said. “Let’s face it, we’re in the age of the goddess.”

There is a sign out front that reads, “Welcome Home.” According to Jill, “A lot of people are saying thank you. A lot of people are saying we’ve been waiting for you. A lot of people are psyched.”

Haven’t heard enough yet about the quality of food? The sprouts are made in house, bread is sprouted and rice oil used for cooking because it’s a healthy choice. They serve organic coffee, a blend that won’t be found anywhere else. Shine is not only a new great addition to Boulder’s dinner options, but also a place for people to have lunch, coffee, hang out and come during the day to work on their computers.

Shine is located at:
2027 13th Street Boulder 80302
(303) 449-0120







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