December 9, 2011

Sick of the Yoga Girl Video? Give me Thumbs Up for Rock and Roll instead.

yoga girl spandex'd & posing photo by J Plessner

Am I the only one who absolutely hated this video of The Yoga Girl video posted by Waylon Lewis?

Hate is a strong word for me. I seldom use it because it evokes judgment. I even teach my young kids that saying you hate someone or something is as bad as using profanity. Was I the only one who didn’t think the video was funny? Every time I turned around this week it was reposted on Facebook or emailed or tweeted by a friend, yoga teacher or studio owner. Viral but more like a virus.

A good friend told me to just “get over myself”. Alright, I know I should be able to just laugh at this but really? Why should we laugh at guys getting off on women who do yoga? Yes, we’re strong. Yes, we’re sexy. Yes, we usually have our shit together. But, why should this be funny?

I tell my students when I teach not to take their practice so seriously. It’s just yoga after all. We should be able to laugh and most importantly be able to laugh at ourselves. I want to be able to take my own life and practice lightly. As Elizabeth Lessor says, we’re all just “bozos on the bus”, each of us having frailty and failures, but we choose to wear a mask instead so we can try and hide who we are when actually, if we just realize everyone is just like us we’d lighten up. However, when a man is ogling at a girls in class, it takes a sacred tradition and morphs it into spandex and smarmy guys hitting on beautiful women. Are yoga studios the replacement for bars to pick up women? (I get the other side of this…Women (and men) who are just into their outfit, how they look in a pose, and getting a date out of it…but that’s not my point entirely.)

So now I’m revealing my True self. I’m way too serious most of the time. I should just “get over myself” as my level headed friend says and have a good laugh. But, I just can’t. Does anyone relate to this video being sadly pathetic? I’m not so sure because, I have yet to see one comment other than “hillarious, you have to see this!” Come on now Waylon, is everything all about sex, after all?

Here’s what I’d rather see go viral. Something that inspires, encourages and makes me “feel happy of myself”.  I’m tad polly-anna cheerful and proud of it.

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Read 23 comments and reply

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