December 24, 2011

The Masterful Joseph Campbell on Christ, Nature and Eastern Mythology



‎”you get a totally different civilization a totally different way of living according to your myth as to whether nature is fallen or nature is itself a manifestation of divinity, and spirit being the revelation of the divinity inherent in nature…”

Joseph Campbell: This is metaphorical, its saying he didn’t go out there he went in here, which is where you must go too and ascend to heaven through the inward space to that source you and all life came.

Bill Moyers: But aren’t you undermining one of the great cardinal doctrines of Christian faith of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus prefiguring our own and overcoming the body with a higher physical truth?

JC: Well, that would be what I would call a misreading of the symbol, that’s reading it in terms of prose rather than poetry…

Campbell would often say that we need a new myth, one relevant to our times and inclusive of our current knowledge of the universe – he thought the famous “Earthrise” photo taken from the moon might be the mythic symbol of our times: a kind of post-tribal sense of our unity.

Here is a man after Campbell’s own heart – Brian Swimme, talking about The New Story:

Bonus video – this is me doing a song by local LA legend Dan Bern called “Jerusalem”:

(Stick with it – the payoff is in the third verse!)

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