January 31, 2012

Change your thoughts, change your life. ~ Krysia Hepatica

Łukasz Strachanowski

It is human nature to falter at times, to meander off of our path; to know best, yet not always do best.

I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and in creating the life that I want with my thoughts and feelings. Yet, sometime I stray away from these principles. I did this recently, and though it wasn’t at first noticeable to me, once it was brought to my attention, I saw my mistake. The good thing is it was easy to fix.

For help and motivation I often turn to Rhonda Byrne’s book The Power. Byrne explains that “like attracts like.” If you are thinking and feeling positive thoughts and feelings, that is what comes back to you. On the other hand, if you are feeling negative thoughts, you have corresponding feelings, and that comes back to you too; it’s the “law of attraction.”

Byrne states, “When you change the way you feel, you are on a different frequency, and the law of attraction responds instantaneously,” (48).

Instantaneously. That is what I want to stress. I have experienced this over and over again. You see results immediately. Take for example my most recent example. After a day of changing my thoughts and perceptions about my career and my future, I received an email from Rebecca Rapple, founder of The Resume Revolution, which was loaded with action words to liven up my resume. I immediately changed a few key words and emailed it off to a potential employer. The morning after that, I received a pre-screening interview questionnaire from that employer.

Whether I actually get this position is not the point. The point is: I changed my attitude and something good came my way. This further increased my optimistic attitude which only pulls more good things toward me. Byrne calls this the “tipping point.” The tipping point is when you give 51% more positive thoughts than negative. That is all it takes and you will see results.

Some tools I use to help my happy thoughts increase are vision boards, both old-school (a corkboard with magazine pages pinned to it) and online ones like this on Pinterest. Pinterest is a visual site that allows you to pin images from websites onto custom boards. I also journal what I want to have in my life and compile lists about what makes me happy in life, whether it is places, things, people, any and everything. Waking up feeling grateful for even one thing in your life helps; I sometime Tweet about being grateful for my favorite yogurt.

                Edited by: Lindsay Friedman


Krysia Hepatica is a rock climber, blogger, and goal setter. She harbors a love for social media and has a secret obsession with skin care products. Read about her adventures at Venturesomekrysia.com or follow her on Twitter @Ventrsomekrysia.

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