January 18, 2012

Maya Angelou, on Love.


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Rest in Peace, sweet and powerful woman.

Her’s was a life that encompassed joy and pain, sadness and beauty. So her death does not come as a surprise: she lived so fully and offered of herself so generously.

Death is natural, and okay, and sweet, and so sad. And, there are a few people who leave this world truly the less when they leave us behind.


“You have to have courage to love somebody. Because you risk everything. Everything.” ~ Maya Angelou


Love liberates, it doesn’t bind:

Her voice. I can’t handle it without feeling like crying with happiness.


How to live your Best Life, in the Fullest sense, a life unconditionally fulfilling:

*The video above works, it just looks dead.

Bonus, a few long ones if you love her:

Relephant bonus: But before you risk everything for someone else, don’t forget about the most important relationship in your life:

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