February 18, 2012

10 Things Yoga Therapy Taught Me.

1. I am not a yoga therapist, Yoga is therapy.

2. Instead of diagnosis, what are the muscle imbalances?

3. Just because I can do something (with my body) doesn’t mean I should.

4. A full appreciation for Yoga Nidra in the middle of the afternoon. Try it, it’s better than latte.

5. Your body is doing all it needs to do unconsciously. Just simply notice it, head to toe, without judgment.

6. Do your best in the moment and if that doesn’t work, we modify.

7. “If you keep your armpits wide open, you’ll never get depressed.”

~ BKS Iyengar

8. In adjusting my students, I am their prop to create space, support, and stability.

9. Wait. Wait.

10. Healing can happen, even when curing doesn’t.

I first met Chrys Kub when I took her Structural Yoga Therapy  as a part of my 500 hour teacher training. She’s a confident, yet laid back teacher and Physical Therapist who works with children with disabilities on a daily basis and teaches assessment and screening with a holistic approach to healing.

Beyond teaching, Chrys introduced me to the music of Alexi Murdoch (Orange Sky is a must listen), concerts with Michael Franti, the powerful story of Matthew Sanford (Author of Waking and in a wheel chair with paralysis. “Stillness is a feeling of loss with a sense of awe.”), and she shared with me one of the most profound books I’ve read to date: Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser.

Discovering fearlessness comes from the working in the softness of the human heart.” 

Chrys is a mother, teacher and friend whose own fearless approach to life inspired me integrate so many of these tenants in my own teaching and certainly off the mat.

You can find her at the TEXAS YOGA CONFERENCE this weekend, Feb 18-19 along side some amazing talents: Catherine Allen, DeAnna Anderson, Liz Antognoli, Nicolai Bachman, Jim Bennitt, Hemalayaa, The Bhakti House Band, Chip & Laura, Monica Blossom, Tracie Brace, Jennifer Buergermeister,Julie Byrd, Marizol Cabrera, Shannon Caldwell, Sheri Cherokee, Nydia Darby, Desert Dwellers, DJ Sun, DJ Suka, Stacy Dokins, Cody Drasser, Ana Forrest, Dana Flynn, Marita Gardner-Anopol, Amy Garratt, Gioconda, Maggie Grueskin, Aubrey Hackman, Michele Hebert, Ellen Head, Brooke Hamblet, Angi Hunter, Ann Hyde, Kurt Johnsen, Amy Johnson, Pam Johnson, Sean Johnson, Becky Jordan, Peggy Kelly, Kellie Lynn Knott, Edwardo Krumholz, Adri Kyser, Les Leventhal, Moses Love, Sarah Luna, Zoe Mantarakis, Charles MacInerney, Gunyen Mittal, Theresa Murphy, Renu Namjoshi, David Newman, DeAnna Nielson, Eric Paskel, Venkata Ponnaganti, Meredith Patterson, Desirea Pierce, Raye Lynn Rath, Beth Reese, David Reglin, Roger & Albina Rippy, Malia Scott, Stephanie Shorter, Christina Sells, Eric Shaw, Gillian St. Clair, Melissa Smith, Suzanne Sterling, Sydney Strahan, Sunita Turkunde, Tyagaraja, Sandra Vanatko, Lisa Ware, Kay Westcott, Joy Winkler and more.

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