February 16, 2012

Call to Action! What Does Social Media Mean to You? {VIDEO}

We Need You.

The elephant community heard the call and they are responding.  Now it is your turn.  Where is My Guru co-hosts Jessica Durivage and Diane Ferraro will speak as presenters of their co-authored panel presentation “Radio Free Yoga–Self-Realize x Social Enterprise,” at the SXSW Interactive Festival 2012 headquarters in Austin, TX. Their panel will explore bringing yogic philosophy into the mainstream discourse of social media, providing a platform for positive, healthy and effective communication based on the five yamas, or principles, which guide how individuals interact with the world whether in person as practiced through the ancient tradition of yoga or today through the world wide web. Joining Jessica and Diane on the panel are Waylon Lewis, founder of the decade-old print-to-online far-reaching publication elephantjournal.com, and Seane Corn, world-renowned yoga instructor and co-founder of the philanthropic organization Off the Mat, Into the World.

Post a video of yourself on the Where is My Guru Facebook page – 2-4 minutes long, on why it is important to incorporate mindfulness into your online communication.  Here is what the community has had to say so far, just us normal people, in our normal clothes, living our lives.  Here we are, without the guise of a handle or anonymous name.  This is who you are liking, unliking, thumbing up, down… We are all real people behind the screen

“Social Media is important to me because it allows me to send my message out to the masses.  It is my mission to create these messages in a mindful positive way. It is important to me to be a part of this Mindful Media Revolution” – Jennifer Cusano, Social Media Director at Where is My Guru & Editor and Writer at elephant journal


“For me, it is about community.  It is about connecting with people who we otherwise would not be able to connect with.” – Diane Ferraro, co-host, Where is My Guru

“To my knowledge this is the first time this topic (Yogic Philosophy) has been discussed at (SXSW) Festival and it is wonderful they have been able to initate this discussion in the tech world. The path is the goal. The discussion is the goal.  THIS discussion is the goal.”  – Angela Arnett, Founder, Om Lexington and Where is My Guru Social Media Consultant for SXSW Festival

“As Seane Corn says, take it off the mat and into the world. For many of us, we take it off the mat and onto our computers for eight to ten hours a day.  How are we engaging thoughtfully? How are we creating connection?” – Jessica Durivage, founder, Where is My Guru


“Debate and discussion as a spiritual practice can include a level of very healthy disagreement.  It requires a certain amount of courage.” – Julian Marc Walker, Writer and Contributor at elephant journal, Yoga Instructor, Bodyworker

“You have this amazing tool available to you. Stop using it as a weapon. You have a choice to put more love out there, or more hate.  The choice is yours. – Kate Bartolotta, Contributor and Editor at elephant journal, Dr. Seuss lover and vegan newbie

We can’t wait to see what you have to say.

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Read 5 comments and reply

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