February 16, 2012

Dear Pinterest Users… ~ Traci Wallace

Pinterest … have you heard of it?

Well, this week Pinterest hit 10 million U.S. monthly unique visitors faster than any independent site in history. It’s actually a really cool site … in contrast to Facebook, where you share your words or thoughts on your own day or some political issue (or collectively waste millions of hours stalking ex-boyfriends/girlfriends) on Pinterest, you get the opportunity to share clothes you like, places you want to go, books, products that you love, crafts you want to make, recipes, hair styles, make-up tips, kitchen ideas, anything. It promotes creativity and vision, both amazing things.

There is just one thing I want to point out to the over 10 million users, who are actually made up of about 97% females, is when you like something and you want it, please add it without adding comments such as “in another lifetime.” Seriously, what’s the point?

Try it! Type in another lifetimein the search option and see how many things come up. It’s a lot. 

Yes, I understand that the chances of you having a house on some tropical island, on the most gorgeous beach in the world might be a long shot (although, not impossible), but a chalkboard in your kitchen, a pair of shoes, a trip to Bali or Thailand, or a beautiful wedding dress are definitely possible, all of which I have seen included on the until next time list.

My friendly advice is, let’s not just spend time on another social media site creating cyber relationships or dreaming about things we believe we will never have.

If you aren’t looking for things you want now, I suggest you put down your mouse, turn off your computer, go outside and enjoy this lifetime and stop spending time clicking on pictures of things you think you won’t ever have.

Now, if you would like to continue to spend time on Pinterest and you see something you want, repin it, and then get off your computer and go get it. If you say and believe you will get it in this lifetime, guess what, chances are you just might. Happy Pinning!

{Editor’s note: You can follow elephant journal on Pinterest.We’re pinning for the present moment!}


Editor: Kate Bartolotta.


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Read 2 comments and reply

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