February 2, 2012

♪☆ ele news ☆♫ ~ Sunday 22 April

ele news on Spirituality

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On Spiritual Bullsh*t and Telling the Mind to Shut Up:

The latest face-to-face advice from one of our favorite EJ contributors, Ben Ralston (on video!) and some sage advice from new writer Rajni Tripathi . To be found on the Spirituality home page.

Remember the new Gita series (below). Catherine Ghosh’s new article got up before you did this morning, and is hiding out over here at Balance is Found Through Love.

Oh, and do yourself (and all the wonderful ele-writers!) a favor, and go and read their articles on Special Picks — we have selected a few special posts for you on both Weekend Wisdom and Monday to Midweek.…enjoy!

New Gita Series:

Catherine Ghosh’s premier article “Dynamic Participation In Your Daily Life” was a wonderful way to launch our new Gita Talk series, Yoga In The Gita. Braja Sorensen and Catherine alternate weekly postings, and Braja’s most recent covers renunciation as a path to love, in Give It Up!

Watch out for weekly updates on the series in its own window on elephant spirituality’s home page, in the ele-writers Series section.


New ele-Writers Series on Spirituality:

Our new ele-writers series category continues showcasing well researched, beautifully written articles in series form by your favorite ele-writers. Josh Schrei’s Crucible of the Heart seven-part series is in its fifth stage. Find the entire package on Elephant Spirituality’s main page, right here.


Still some changes going on with Spirituality’s main page, testing the waters and seeing what flies and what sinks. Both Monday to Midweek and Thursday On are a collection of good hits from during the week and sometimes further back, a nice quick hit for you anytime during the week. The new window, Weekend Wisdom, is just that: some deeper, more reflective articles on the variety of wisdom-filled sources our ele-writers offer….enjoy!


A few Special Picks from Monday to Midweek: Buddhist meditation writer and teacher Ben Riggs shares the difference between authentic spirituality and its new-agey counterpart. Paul Dallaghan weighs in on being natural through practicing Shaucha, and Josh Schrei returns with the practice of knowing your own fruition. Read it all here.

elephant spirituality writer Valerie Carruthers is out ele-hunting: looking for new spirituality writers and (again with the reincarnation) bringing back the long silent…if you are a writer for elephant spirituality, or you want to be, go to our elephant spirituality Facebook page and leave your stamp…we’ll get in touch with you.

Happy reading, see you Thursday….

FRIDAY … ah, what the heck: the WHOLE WEEKEND!

Do yourself a favor this weekend: close the lid on your laptop and go for a long walk on the beach. Or unplug the computer, lie down on a deliciously comfortable chair, and click on each window in the Special Picks row on elephant spirituality’s home page. You’ll find beautiful lotuses in the first window, Rumi’s key to love in the second, knockin’ on heaven’s door in the third, and the fourth, a gateway to wisdom. Curl up, get comfortable, and fill your heart and mind and soul with a little love and wisdom this weekend…and have a good one!

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