France vs. Scientology.

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on Feb 3, 2012
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And it’s France for the win!

French appellate courts held up a 2009 verdict of fraud yesterday against the Church of Scientology. (You have to wonder about a religion created by a Science Fiction novelist–even his own grandson speaks out against it!)

While this is quite a victory for both for France and for thinking people everywhere, we must not become complacent in the fight against mindlessness.

Somewhere in the UK, at this very moment, Jemima Packington is…

I don’t think I can even put it into words:


Only you can prevent the spread of mindlessness!

Speak out against Asparamancy today!


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13 Responses to “France vs. Scientology.”

  1. I'm so torn. John Travolta was my childhood hero :)))

    God, what a ridiculous organization it is though….I think I love France, what with the "off with burkas" and now this…woot!!!

    And although Scientology has ZERO to do with Spirituality, I'm posting it to Featured Today in Spirituality because unfortunately due to their mega PR exercises, they insist on passing themselves off as a "religion" or "spiritual movement." This is for those who need a re-education…..

    Just posted to "Featured Today" on the Elephant Spirituality Homepage.

    Braja Sorensen
    Lost & Found in India
    Editor, Elephant Spirituality
    Please go and "Like" Elephant Spirituality on Facebook

  2. btw i love that photo :))

  3. Did you watch the asparagus lady? That made my night! Hah!

  4. Oh duh I loaded the vid and had it on silent, and only remembered when the comment came into my inbox :)))

    So I was watching it and waiting for the punchline. And realized there wasn't going to be one. She's an Asparagus Diviner. An Asparagus Whisperer. She IS the asparagus.

    She makes the Scientologists look…normal.

  5. Suri says:

    Well , i dont mean to sound hostile but there is not much difference between scientology and all the other religions , they all have their share of supernatural , fantastic tales people interpret as teachings…most religions often start -or started- the way scientology did: an individual thinks god speaks to him , this "god" gives him instructions to write a book that will "improve" peoples lives, people start following this "charismatic" -or very often insane- individual , etc etc. . ..

    Also spirituality is subjective and therefore difficult to define so what you Braja might think of as Zero spirituality might be a great source of happiness and yes , spirituality , for scientologists .

  6. Suri says:

    Its not like your religion owns the patent for spirituality , since spirituality is a strictly personal state of mind i bet you cant come up with a universal definition of spiritualiy , i dont even think you can come up with a convincing definition of spirituality that can apply to anyone else but you …so what makes you think your spirituality/religion is better than that of others? Hinduism started small , christianity too and so do all the oter religions …as for the scientologist "church" making a lot of money from , well gullible people … The catholic church does the same .. And all the other churches do too in different ways ..but its just the same

    By the way i am not religious nor spiritual , so no agenda.

    I think my friend that the one who needs a re education in humility is you

  7. If you think there's "not much difference between scientology and all the other religions," then there's no discussion to be had. That would have to be one of the most ridiculous things written….

  8. Or was that directed at Kate? Can't figure out who you're having a go at!

  9. Hmmm….ok. Well, I'm going to go simple & classic. "My religion is kindness." HH the Dalai Lama.

    You are right, my response to the Scientologists and the asparagus lady were not kind. I have no issue with people believing all sorts of things that help them find peace. I do take issue with individuals and groups who prey on those who are seeking a more spiritual life and defraud them.

  10. Suri says:

    Ok i might be ridiculous but this definition of religion is not: (fromwikipedia)

    Religion is a collection of cultural systems, belief systems, and worldviews that establishes symbols that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values.[1] Many religions have narratives, symbols, traditions and sacred histories that are intended to give meaning to life or to explain the origin of life or the universe. They tend to derive morality, ethics, religious laws or a preferred lifestyle from their ideas about the cosmos and human nature.
    The word religion is sometimes used interchangeably with faith or belief system, but religion differs from private belief in that it has a public aspect[citation needed]. Most religions have organized behaviors, including clerical hierarchies, a definition of what constitutes adherence or membership, congregations of laity, regular meetings or services for the purposes of veneration of a deity or for prayer, holy places (either natural or architectural), and/or scriptures. The practice of a religion may also includesermons, commemoration of the activities of a god or gods, sacrifices, festivals, feasts,trance, initiations, funerary services, matrimonial services, meditation, music, art,dance, public service, or other aspects of human culture.

    It is more than obvious that each religion has its own philosophy but as you can see most organized religions share the same
    "operational" characteristics …. And yes like it or not scientology does too…scientology is legally recognized as a religion in the Us , italy , sweden , portugal , spain , hungary , slovenia , croatia and china….not that i care ..

    That they prey on people , absolutely but people go there because they choose to …

    I totally think you are entitled to your opinion about them not being spiritual….now my own-personal-opinion is that your coment sounds kinda arrogant as if only your religion holds the keys to real spirituality and truth …and i think that is the kind of attitude that brings intolerance into the picture which is not very nice coming from a – guessing buddhist or similar?-

    "but if they can't provide or argue with or point to a substantial source of reference or philosophy or history, then their right to call it "spirituality" is negated. Religion?"
    Thats where you ve got it mixed up you can provide a substantial source of reference for religion but not for spirituality since spirituality is a personal, subjective , inner path or state of mind .

  11. Um. I actually don't care?

  12. gdr23 says:

    Asparagus is one of my favorite veggies. Wonder if that means Scientology should be one of my favorite religions?