Microplastics from Clothing: Are They in Our Food Chain?

From the BBC News article, Accumulating ‘microplastic’ threat to shores, by Mark Kinver.

The smallest fibers could end up causing huge problems worldwide.

Microscopic plastic debris from washing clothes is accumulating in the marine environment and could be entering the food chain, a study has warned.

Researchers traced the “microplastic” back to synthetic clothes, which released up to 1,900 tiny fibres per garment every time they were washed.

Earlier research showed plastic smaller than 1mm were being eaten by animals and getting into the food chain.

The findings appeared in the journal Environmental Science and Technology.

“Research we had done before… showed that when we looked at all the bits of plastic in the environment, about 80% was made up from smaller bits of plastic,” said co-author Mark Browne, an ecologist now based at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

“This really led us to the idea of what sorts of plastic are there and where did they come from.”

Dr Browne, a member of the US-based research network National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis, said the tiny plastic was a concern because evidence showed that it was making its way into the food chain.

“Once the plastics had been eaten, it transferred from [the animals’] stomachs to their circulation system and actually accumulated in their cells,” he told BBC News.

In order to identify how widespread the presence of microplastic was on shorelines, the team took samples from 18 beaches around the globe, including the UK, India and Singapore.

“We found that there was no sample from around the world that did not contain pieces of microplastic.”

To read the rest of this  article, go to BBC News.

What you can do:

  • * Avoid synthetic fabrics.
  • * Wash your clothes only when absolutely necessary.
  • * Choose 100%  organic clothing. I know. I didn’t have to tell you that 🙂

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JGuildDesigns Feb 23, 2012 5:24pm

Thanks for sharing! Can you please list some common synthetic materials? Like Rayon I assume? Polyester?

Lorin Feb 14, 2012 11:28am

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Jill Barth Feb 14, 2012 7:45am

I posted this to the Elephant Green Facebook page. Thanks for sharing!

Jill Barth, Green Editor
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