March 1, 2012

Moments without Dialogue Can Be the Most Revealing. ~ Lisa Avebury

Having recently been immersed in the world of children’s book through a class I am taking at UCLA, I have found myself profoundly effected by what can be achieved in the combination of words and pictures.

Many times in great films, we find that the moments without dialogue can be the most revealing. I am coming to understand how carefully words need to be chosen. And how keeping dialogue simple is key. I am also realizing this as a metaphor for my life. In an age where we are constantly communicating what are we actually saying? I heard a story this week about a UFC fighter who was recently interviewed. He talked about how many fights he has been in, how many bones he has broken and how many times he was admitted to the hospital. But, in his words, it didn’t compare to the pain he held within his heart.

How often do we use words to hide the pain we hold in our hearts?

When in doubt do nothing. More difficult to sit with something that hurts. Much easier to explain it away, cover it up and go with the flow. Funny when flow starts to feel old and stagnated. A reason to celebrate perhaps? Moving out of mediocrity into uncharted territory. Scary but enlivening.

With that I give you City Dog, County Frog, my new favorite book. It says more then most books do with 1000 pages about life, love, loss and Spirit.

I am not going to summarize it as my hope is you will check it out and decide what it means for you.

Here are some sample pages:


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Lisa Avebury lives in Los Angeles transplanted from NYC, is a bodyworker, healer and globe trotter who loves hanging out in stone circles, spending quality time with her dog, Douglas Fur,  and sometimes just cleaning the bathtub to a brilliant shine!  You can find her at www.circleseeker.com.

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