February 17, 2012

Prune Your Hedge.

Hedges should be pruned as needed using selective pruning methods

Esthetically pleasing hedges can add value to your property, provide privacy or wind protection, and host birds and other beneficial garden insects.

Treat your hedges as part of your overall landscape design with careful planning and maintenance techniques.

Depending upon the age of your hedge and the purpose for pruning, (width, thickness, height or all three) determine your goal and think past what the hedge may hide before hacking away with trimmers.

Why is pruning so important?

Promotes growth.

Pruning is essential for the good foliage and the overall health of your plants.
Pruning removes any dead branches, leaves and flowers. Plants will grow stronger and look better when all the dead stuff is removed. Pruning can help stimulate more budding and flower growth in plants.

A well pruned plant can get down to the business of growing and producing without the drain of dead foliage.

I love this lady, she really knows about pruning.

You create a space for nature to do her thing, and then you let her do it

lovelovelove all bushes everywhere.

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Read 10 comments and reply

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