Unlimited Texting and Yoga.

Via Heather Dawn
on Feb 6, 2012
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Kelly Cree

My cell phone and yoga. These are two joys I often wonder how I ever lived without.

The convenience of my cell phone with the 24-hour availability of myself and everyone else is not something I take for granted. I was born into the generation that watched the cordless phone emerge, making any room in the house my own private office. Features like party lines, emergency breakthroughs (which were never an emergency) and my all time favorite, call waiting. All of this meant that I would never again miss chat time with a girlfriend or a even better, a date with a boy.

It wasn’t long before this that my dad got a very large phone (that was too pricey for our family to use for social needs) put into his car. This was almost as cool as his Knight Rider inspired Datsun 280 ZX saying things like “The door is ajar.”

Then, in my late teens I finally got my first beeper.

The digital world turned cyber world was in full force around the globe and eventually landed right in my yoga room.

I started practicing yoga shortly after beepers became popular, and became a teacher by the time cell phones were in every hand on the planet.

As my love for cellular technology has grown, so has my love of spirituality and yoga. As the Yang-filled technological world moves at uncontrollable speeds, yoga provides the Yin with its thought-filled, breath-inspired postures and meditative qualities.

Every now and then, a yogi mom or yogi doctor will come take my class with one of those beepers (now only used for restaurants), while the rest of us have become slaves to our cell phones out of sheer habit. It’s become hard to determine where that 24-hour availability to every need a friend, family or workmate has and my solace, our solace begins.

At this point in my teaching career, I’ve come across many cell phone addicted yogis.

There is the Down Dog Texter, who thinks I won’t notice the one handed Down Dog. The Final Resting Pose (savasana) Texter whose phone light is like a blinding beacon to their resting yogi neighbors. The Pre-class Loud Talker Yogi, who paces outside the yoga classroom doors with a cell phone glued to an ear, thus forcing students wanting to enter the class to bob and weave their way around this yogi. Loud Talking Yogi is also unaware that his voice carries into the meditative room where most yogis are trying to find their inner calm.

Most recently, I was faced with a new type of cell phone disruption when a female observer walked into my class. She was adorned in heels and fancy clothes; it was obvious she wasn’t going to join the class today. What wasn’t obvious was that she had no idea that using her cell phone while observing my class was not okay!

Rules in the yoga room vary from teacher to teacher. Rules need to be tested, put into action to see if they work for the community, and if they don’t, they need to be tossed.

With the advancement in cell phone technology, rules for cell phones in the yoga room need to be instituted.

I’m not the kind of teacher who likes to tell her students what they should or shouldn’t be doing. I’m more of an advisor. I give just enough information or suggestions with just the right amount of humor, kindness and sarcasm for the student to figure it out on their own. After all, isn’t one of the goals to help empower the student?

I will certainly never become one of those teachers whose classes I’ve attended where a student’s cell phone accidentally goes off and the teacher behaves as if the Anti-Christ just entered the room. This teacher driven behavior only encourages the other non-offending yoga students to continue their glare at the guilty, panic stricken yogi whose phone accidentally went off.

Relax, isn’t that what we’ve come to learn and do? It’s a phone. Accidents happen. There are way more serious crimes against humanity to go and feel judgmental about and the cell phone ring, disturbing as it is during a yoga class, isn’t one of them.

It’s simple. Love your cell phone. Love your yoga. Just love them separately!


About Heather Dawn

Heather Dawn is a life coach, meditation and yoga therapist. She specializes in self-empowerment and personal transformation with her clients and students. She is the co-host of a weekly sex, love and relationship show and podcast called, “Getting it On with James and Heather.”


7 Responses to “Unlimited Texting and Yoga.”

  1. Dana says:

    I, personally, don't believe that cell phones have a place in the yoga studio at all. Isn't the point to get AWAY from the distractions of life and commune with your inner being and breath? I would never go to the studio you describe! The people there sound like they're more of the yoga as a workout mentality and should go to their yoga classes at their local gym. If I happened to visit a studio such as the one you describe or end up in a class with people who were texting during their practice, I would most likely leave during the class and would never return. I don't think such disrespectful behavior belongs in the yoga studio.

  2. heather says:

    Sadly these stories are from SEVERAL Yoga studios and over several years..I've seen this both as a teacher and a student in class. And yes that was the point cell phones and Yoga don't mix. Love that phone as much as you want, just outside of the classroom! Have a beautiful day, Dana! And thanks for your comments.

  3. Jad says:

    Hi Heather. I would agree with you and Dana, the two don't mix at all. Not unless your practicing your pranayama with that cool pranyama app … Keep the cell phones checked at the door. If you must be available for that call, then practice some real time in the moment conscious living, keep your business private, and sit down somewhere else and focus on that call. Otherwise stick to the practice and allow others the same courtesy. Your self and your fellow yogis will thank you for it. And also not kill you.

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  5. cathy says:

    i agree also. they dont mix. In the classes i take a few students are nurses and docs on call who once in awhile have some phone or beeper on corner of mat. they have pre-arranged with our teacher.
    however in the reception of the studio last week on entering 4of 5 in studio before were yacking away on phones. <i felt out of it.

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