March 17, 2012

Do You Have to Be Uptight to Be Mindful? ~ Tatum Bacchi

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Is it possible to be mindful and light hearted?

It seems in my search to live a more mindful life, I’ve encountered so many people who are more and more judgmental. But isn’t that defeating the point? If we’re so uptight about everything that comes out of everyone else’s mouth, aren’t we hurting ourselves in the process of hurting others?

Isn’t it possible that every thought, tweet, blog post or status update isn’t about you?

Isn’t it possible that there really is “room for it all” as my yoga teacher would say?

Isn’t it possible that being mindful is about more than getting an opportunity to lash out, getting the last word?

Isn’t it possible that by always telling others that what they say or share is wrong that you ‘re actually being the opposite of mindful?

Isn’t it possible to be mindful and to be able to laugh it off, to let some things slide so you can focus your energy on something positive?

After all, negativity is like a snowball, building and building inside us. And isn’t acceptance and understanding more important than getting out a snooty response to something that really could have just been laughed off or let go?

Or maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe mindfulness isn’t at all what I think it is.

At the risk of opening myself up to harsh criticisms and comments, I ask: What does being mindful mean to you?


Editor: Kate Bartolotta.

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Read 13 comments and reply

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