Get Out of My Uterus.

Via Lorin Arnold
on Mar 15, 2012
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Reflecting on the Politics of Extremism and Women’s (Reproductive) Rights.

Lately, I’m spending quite a bit of time being actually astonished about what is going on in the political landscape in the U.S. with regard to women.  Yet, as Hillary Clinton said so pointedly in her speech this week at the Women in the World conference in New York, it’s not that surprising, because it’s a commonly repeated scenario. Perhaps, as Susan Faludi has argued, this backlash is actually a sign of progress.  We can hope.

For more about the conference, visit the Women in the World website.


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I’m a university professor, not-that-kind-of-doctor, family and gender communication scholar, spouse, vegan (not a real fur), and mother of six.  I’m a little goofy and a little serious, organized and kind of a mess. In my “spare” time, I teach yin and vinyasa yoga and write The VeganAsana – a blog about yoga and green eating/cooking.  I consider the blog, and my work with elephant journal my little effort to ponder yoga and veganism, and how they intersect, in a way that helps me develop understandings of self, provides information for others, and allows me to rock my creative smarty pants.


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