How to make Vegan Dog Food. {video}

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 4, 2012
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Can dogs be vegan—and healthfully so—and enjoy it? And can feeding them this way be easy and affordable?

Didn’t really know this could be so easy (assuming I can make big batches, freeze, then thaw as need), affordable and healthy. Dogs seem to like it, too.

PS: this should serve as great inspiration for Portlandia scene.

Trudy has been making vegan dog food for her canine companions for over three years. She shares information on dog nutrition and her recipe in this video.
The learners will be adults with dogs interested in vegan dog nutrition.
There are no prerequisite skills or special equipment required. Just an interest in vegan dog nutrition.

Ingredients list:

2 cups lentils
2 cups brown rice
1 cup oats
1 cup split peas
1 cup sunflower, flax or sesame seeds
12 cups water
1.5 cups nutritional yeast
Approximately 5 cups chopped veggies
Small amount of flax, evening primrose or hemp oil for omega fatty acids

Please spay or neuter your dog.


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13 Responses to “How to make Vegan Dog Food. {video}”

  1. Tracy says:

    I found myself in the middle of a page long comment on this and realized I can't do it justice as I rush out the door to work. When I have more time I'll sit down and write something more thorough and submit it. I feel passionately about this subject. Yes! Whole, natural food for your animal companions. But is imposing our human moral and ethical judgements on them the right thing to do? Since when are split peas, lentils and sunflower seeds part of a dog's natural diet? Their gut is not designed to process these things. It's designed and optimized to digest raw meat and predigested (from the prey animal's stomach and intestines) grains, veggies and fruits. What is right for humanity, the natural world and the environment is that the natural order of things be restored and that our human tendency to meddle in it is minimized.

  2. Janice A. says:

    I completely agree. Dogs (and cats) are carnivores. While reducing the amount of "fillers" and feeding them more natural food is a good idea, you would never find a vegan dog or cat in the wild. I actually think that making a dog (or cat) a vegan would be akin to animal cruelty and you would probably not find a (sane) veterinarian who would condone or encourage this. I am a strict vegetarian, but I am also a human being who has a choice, and our diets (naturally) are omnivorous. I am actually more disgusted by someone who would force a dog to be a vegan than the idea of feedani

  3. Janice A. says:

    I am actually more disgusted by someone who would force a dog to be a vegan than the idea of feeding meet to an animal (who is naturally a carnivore).

  4. Suri says:

    Well, the average dry dog food is mostly composed of grains and cereals .. The actual meat or chicken content is low . I give my diabetic dog proplan senior in the morning and evening and a combo of chicken breast ,rice,veggies and apples in the afternoon and shes doing pretty well …. I think the lentils , peas and seeds would make her feel bloated and fartsy…
    And that seems like alot of yeast … I think most dogs wouldnt benefit from a vegan diet … Good dog food has all the necessesary nutrients dogs need .
    This is alist of the 10 main ingredients in my dogs food …the only ingredient that seems to be kind of nasty is "poultry byproducts" which im guessing means bones and cartilage …

    brewers rice
    poultry by-product meal (natural source of glucosamine)
    whole grain corn
    corn gluten meal
    pearled barley
    fish meal (natural source of glucosamine)
    whole grain wheat
    corn bran
    animal fat preserved with mixed-tocopherols (form of Vitamin E)

  5. Louise Brooks says:

    Waylon, I realize you made a New Year's resolution to go vegan. However, why would you impose your political views on a dog for goodness sake?

  6. Cindy says:

    This is awesome, thanks for sharing!!! Don't listen to the willfully ignorant- keep up the good work!!! 🙂

  7. Imber says:

    The dogs in our family dogs are 10 years old and life-long healthy, happy vegans! The vets are always blown away by their blood results. Dogs are omnivores *not* carnivores. Great recipe! Thank you! They're going to love this!

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  10. jANUS says:

    I believe you meant to say "meat to an animal"

  11. Eat My feces louise says:

    Louise, I realize you are a semi-functional retard. Why would you post with a mental disability on an internet forum?

  12. Holly says:

    Dogs are omnivores like humans, cats are obligate carnivores. The back teeth of dogs are not as pointy as their front teeth and are quite wide and molar like, wolves are the same, meaning that wolves do, on a regular basic eat plant and fruit matter and can digest it, our dogs are the same, my labrador eats specific grasses, wild mushrooms, wild berries and fruit and veg from my garden even though I haven’t taught him to and he’s fine and healhty and further more he is on a vegetarian diet because of certain meat allergies and other allergies and becasue you never know when you will come across a bad batch of meat, he used to be fed a raw meat diet. You may well say, put a bowl of meat and veg in front of a dog and the dog will always eat the meat first, but wouldn’t you do the same, having a nice roast dinner put in front of you, wouldn’t you go for the meat first?? Dogs being omnivores are like humans in that yes they need protien but it doesn’t have to be animal protien, they can also get perfect protien from eggs, yogurt and cottage cheese. dogs can thrive on a meat based or vegi based diet.