March 28, 2012

Jyotish Horoscopes for the Week of March 26th.







Jyotish Horoscopes for the Week of March 26th.

Surya (Sun) in Pisces. 

Chandra (Moon) waxing and transiting  Taurus (exalted), Gemini, Cancer, and Leo.

Mangal (Mars) in Leo, retrograde.

Guru (Jupiter) in Aries.

Shukra (Venus) sandhi (in the gap) of Aries on the 27th and moves into Taurus on the 28th (own sign).

Sani (Saturn) exalted in Libra, retrograde.

Budha (Mercury) in Pisces, debilitated and retrograde.

Rahu in Scorpio, debilitated.

Ketu in Taurus, debilitated.

Chandra/Moon exalted in Taurus (26th & 27th). Refined elegance and ease can be felt perhaps? Shukra/Venus sandhi (in the gap) between Aries and Taurus on Tuesday (27th) and moving into own sign of Taurus on the 28th. This month: Enjoy material Venusian pleasures. Focus on connecting, creating and providing. Notice where there is ease in these areas and where there are tensions. Refine your relationships.

Aries: Finding comfort takes precedence early in the week, you then turn to family matters, romance and children later in the week. Ask your Self some deep questions about your relationships and why they may not be serving you. It’s time to get radical! Venus is now in your second house- find comfort but don’t get lazy. Family, children and relationships are all-consuming right now. What are you learning? There are some old mental patterns coming to the surface right now. Have you noticed?

Taurus: Picture a firecracker that has just been lit. Sparks are flying and soon you will be fully launched and ablaze. This week, the match just lit you; prepare for a firecracker month, Taurus! Part of you may still be confused or feel groggy, your better half doesn’t give a rip! Here are a few tag lines that may get you amped: Launch it. Give ‘er. On fire. Blast. Full steam ahead. I think you get the drift. Your real challenge will be to find balance this month. Remember, this is a time of radical self-care in terms of health and longevity. Continue to do your homework.

Gemini: There are some endings approaching, but they give way to more passionate endeavors. Savor this time of creation and rebuilding. Though career confusion is still in full effect, use it to your advantage. Maybe you just need a vacation or some time at an ashram. Lucky relationships and connections are serving you now, have you taken some action steps? Allow your Self to daydream. Work on liberating the mind. Think big!

Cancer: You lucky little mongoose! This is your week to shine. Put on your bow tie and shine up your saddle oxfords, you never know who you might encounter en route. Your inner realm is finding balance with the outer realms and you are getting better at this navigation. Give your Self a hug. For some of you, a little romance of the heart and a passionate interlude may be afoot. Clean your glasses, it could catch you by surprise. You are growing on the inside, give your Self credit for unraveling, even if it feels slow.

Leo: Consider the last month a phase of refinement, now take an action step. You are passionately gaining wisdom from your karmic savings account. Your efforts are finally paying off. Here’s some homework: Find a rock. Pick it up and look under it. Explore the microcosm and network of this unexplored ecosystem. Pause. Ponder. Repeat. Some of your biggest pay off will come from looking under rocks, Leo. This is a time of self-actualization, materially and spiritually. Use your innate dynamism to cultivate new growth, new experiences and a deeper connection to healing the emotional Self.

Virgo: This month you will finally get it. What is It? What isn’t It? It is It and all there is, is It. Don’t get It?  Let’s peel back the layers of the onion here. Fling off the gas mask, sharpen the knife and get down to business!! You with me? Here’s your hint: Relationships are beginning to feel a lot like chopping onions and you need yet another box of Kleenex. Here are a few tips: cut the onion under water. Spray the cutting board with vinegar. Quit eating onions.

Libra: Really good compost takes some special TLC and also requires that you let nature do her “magic”. Time, hot sun, a good mix of nitrogen rich kitchen waste and carbon rich matter, like leaves and shredded paper, eventually create black gold. This is a time of compost, dear Libra. Put all of the essential ingredients into a dark hole, cover it with a tarp and see what happens. Don’t neglect the “cooking” process. Soon you’ll be spreading this “magic” compost on your seedlings and harvesting the scrumptious fruits of your labor. Sit tight.

Scorpio: The ever passionate Scorpio is about to take it up a notch—and also tell the world all about it. Some of that inner glow is starting to see the light of day. Finally! I’ll call it Self tanner for now. Get comfortable with your new luminescence and turn it into your day job, Scorpio. Now’s the time to have a halo fitting and ask your network of angels to bring you a slice of heaven. Do you prefer chocolate or vanilla?! Á la mode or plain? I’ll take some chai with mine, please. This is the time to manifest something bigger.

Sagittarius: Consider this message your “feeling of foreboding”, a glance into a crystal ball or a message from your morning cup of tea. If you hear the song “Tell me lies tell me sweet little lies” randomly, again, this is an omen and should act as a personal reminder of what’s to come this month. Lying to your Self, being unfaithful to your road map, turning a blind eye, cheating on your Self, all eventually add up. Just because no one saw you eat that second piece of cake, doesn’t mean the calories don’t affect you. Stick to your course, Sag, and no sliding off the wagon! But remember, baby steps are more realistic and profitable than leaps and bounds.

Capricorn: It may soon be Christmas in July for you Capricorn. Unfortunately, no one else has noticed yet. The best gifts come in small packages, energetic upheavals and releases, as well as old crusty scabs that finally flick off. The days of ripping off the bandage and licking your wounds can stop, as of yesterday. Do something for others. How about clearing out that rubble in the rubble corner of your house and haul it off to Goodwill? Perhaps it will feel like Christmas in March for someone else? Consider it your civic and moral duty, Capricorn. Homework: light some candles, draw a hot bath, throw in some sea salt and essential oils and rekindle some Self love. Consider this tattoo on your forehead: Radical Self Care.

Aquarius: Here is your new mantra: The heart is my guru. The heart is my guru. The heart is my guru. Now here’s an affirmation to go with it: self-love brings luck to my life and feeds and nourishes my soul. I’ll give you a topic: my outer chaos is a direct reflection of my inner chaos. Discuss. Here’s a hint for your healing work: The issues in your current relationships have everything to do with your past relationships which have everything to do with your early childhood experiences and the needs that were not met. Boldly look where you have not dared to look before. Make this your day job.

Pisces: Ponder the word courage, strength and self-initiated action. What feelings and emotions does it stir in you? You have a real chance to shine, but you risk loosing everything. Why is the unknown so daunting to you? Think of your life like an unfolding lotus blossom. Lotus flowers grow their roots in deep, muddy water and eventually unfurl beautiful petals one at a time. This flower has been revered throughout the ages as a symbol of enlightenment. Consider it your patron saint. Your mascot. Your sidekick. Your symbol of strength and metaphor. Research it’s attributes, it might rub off on you.


*Jyotish (Vedic astrology) predates Western astrology and many consider it to be more precise and accurate. My weekly updates are based on your Jyotish rising sign, but could be viewed from your Sun or Moon sign as well as your Navamsa. As always, individual birth chart and chart specific details will modify an individual’s experience. For more information about your Jyotish rising sign, contact me here.



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