March 7, 2012

Make Kony Famous! {Video}

“Kony 2012.”

One of the college students I work with at the campus ministry I serve sent me this superbly made video clip. She—and millions of other young adults around the world—are helping to stop a despicable warlord from abducting over 30,000 children. He is forcing the boys to kill their parents and fight as child soldiers, and forcing the girls to serve as sex slaves.

These passionate young adults will only succeed if they can convince U.S. leaders to keep our military advisers in Uganda.

It’s up to us.

Watch this.


(it’s the most important 30 minutes you’ll spend online this year)

Then, like  Invisible Children on Facebook.

Then, contact your elected officials and tell them to keep our military advisers in Uganda to help them arrest Joseph Kony by the end of this year.

Jacob, Gavin, and my son Andrew thank you.

We can do this—and we must.

Rev. Roger Wolsey


Editor: Kate Bartolotta


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cynthiabeard Mar 12, 2012 9:39pm

Here is something we can all do moving forward:

Mark Ledbetter Mar 8, 2012 9:05pm

I've just been reading through the OTHER Kony thread. As we learn more, I can't help thinking my somewhat flippant "well-fed, well-armed, and pious" comment is looking pretty accurate.

The desire to do good is essential.

But the desire to do good in far away places when you have lots of guns and little knowledge is a dangerous game. It is, even, the flip side of imperialism, the other side of the same coin. See Anna's comment on the other thread.

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