President Obama: “If I Had a Son, He’d Look Like Trayvon.”

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 23, 2012
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Stand your ground? Stand with Trayvon.

President Obama, on Trayvon’s killing.


Question: Mr. President, may I ask you about this current case in Florida, very controversial, allegations of lingering racism within our society: the so-called do not—I’m sorry—Stand Your Ground law and the justice in that? Can you comment on the Trayvon Martin case, sir?

The President: Well, I’m the head of the executive branch, and the Attorney General reports to me so I’ve got to be careful about my statements to make sure that we’re not impairing any investigation that’s taking place right now.

But obviously, this is a tragedy. I can only imagine what these parents are going through. And when I think about this boy, I think about my own kids.

And I think every parent in America should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this, and that everybody pulls together—federal, state and local—to figure out exactly how this tragedy happened.

So I’m glad that not only is the Justice Department looking into it, I understand now that the governor of the state of Florida has formed a task force to investigate what’s taking place. I think all of us have to do some soul searching to figure out how does something like this happen. And that means that examine the laws and the context for what happened, as well as the specifics of the incident.

But my main message is to the parents of Trayvon Martin. If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon. And I think they are right to expect that all of us as Americans are going to take this with the seriousness it deserves, and that we’re going to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.

PS: Newt Gingrich called the above statement “disgraceful.” I’ve thus highlighted in bold Obama’s contextual statement.

Meanwhile, many African-American leaders have been criticizing the President for not saying more about race, here. You know you’re walking the middle path when both sides are attacking you for polar opposite reasons.


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4 Responses to “President Obama: “If I Had a Son, He’d Look Like Trayvon.””

  1. newt gingrich is disgraceful

  2. yogasamurai says:

    I don't think Obama's statement was "disgraceful," but it 's not really his role, in my view. The nation is not just Black and White and apparently neither is the case.

    Presidents say things like: "Let's get all the facts out quickly and make sure that justice is done. I feel this family's pain, and I am sure every American does." Keep it simple.

    Otherwise, you might get the impression that a president who's actually done so very little for African-Americans is engaged in some modest election-year pandering?

    Gee, I'd hate to think that.

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