March 24, 2012

Wish on Stars but Celebrate the Earth: The Official Earth Day Line-Up.

Tadasana Earth Day Festival

No matter where you find yourself in the world, you find yourself in the world. So why not celebrate the world this April on Earth Day?

Spring Equinox is freshly passed. The Serpent of Light swirled for the thousands that gathered at Chitzen Itza in Maya Tulum, Mexico.

It seems as if the world isn’t ending this year–in 2012–after all, so let’s all party!

As I look out my farmhouse window, I wish with my daughter on the “wishing star” with our melodic voices in unison:

“Star light, star bright,

The first star I see tonight;

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight.”

It’s come to my attention that I’ve been wishing all week on Venus and Saturn. Does this count? I seem to have misplaced the rulebook on life once again. I’ve thrown out some hearty wishes lately and my little girl would really apparently like to see her kitty cat again.

So I’ve come to my Earthly senses and decided that, instead of throwing my desires to these planetary posers, I’m going to put a little love into the planet that’s been making my dreams come true for 32 years: The Earth, which grows my herb garden and inspired the name of my beloved daughter, Sage Pilar.

The Earth’s rivers and oceans, from whom all blessings flow, which adorned our table tonight with fresh fish as it has so many joyous family gatherings before.

The Earth’s majestic mountains that have given me memories of wedding vows in the rocky snow, lost traversing through the French Pyrenees on a pilgrimage of love, and standing on a Colorado Mountaintop overlooking the Continental Divide in all in vastness and wonder.

(Brooke Kochel: Overlooking the Continental Divide)

It’s given us our summer memories in Grandma’s backyard garden; then, as we‘ve evolved, our own backyard and community gardens. Who do you think makes all those gorgeous delicacies when you walk through the doors of Whole Foods when wafts of floral melt troubles in a sea of colorful samples of organic produce?

It gives foodies their beloved hobby of eating fine and exotic foods, and their cult-like heroes of Anthony Bourdain and the local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Farmers.

The Earth has given us inspiration for our yoga poses from which we draw strength, power, peace and manifestation, not only in the form of the elements and but from its creatures that give sustenance, love, beauty and life:

Dogs facing all ways and in all stages of life, Fish, Dolphin, Crane, Frog, Cobra, Eagle, Pigeon, Peacock, Locust, Firefly, Firelog, Cat, Cow, Lion, Camel, Tree, Lotus, Mountain, Happy Baby, Child, even Corpse.

Each pose strikes a chord with me, a body memory, an issue I’ve worked through in my energetic body. I’m reminded of a passage I read today in my seven year, slow musing of the classic, Autobiography of a Yogi.

Mahatma Gandhi speaks of his passion of the protection of cows, which he always kept grazing close by.

“The cow to me means the entire sub-human world, extending man’s sympathies beyond his own species… She is the giver of plenty. Not only did she give milk, but she made agriculture possible… She is the second mother to millions of mankind… Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.” As a nursing mother, I can compassionately relate.

So let’s honor our Earth in all its complexity and generosity. Family friendly festivals will be held around the world, and as a Tadasana Festival Ambassador, I especially invite you on a sacred journey to experience yoga, music, ocean and mountains at their finest in Santa Monica, California, April 20-22. Discount codes are widely available until April 1st on 3 day passes to this unparalleled fete.

  • Boston will host events around town including the 13th annual Charles River clean up project and Party for the Planet at the Franklin Zoo.
  • You know Boulder‘s gonna rock it, with one highlight being the “Greenest 5K in Boulder” featuring a cup free race.
  • Nearby Denver will feature at zero waste fair on Wednesday, April 18th teaching actions and investments to save money and the environment.
  • Chicago invites its citizens to get out in the natural elements for a family friendly 5K ending with a Green Expo.
  • Portland will host a conference Saturday and festival Sunday which includes… wait for it… valet bike parking!
  • San Francisco will have a “Free Eco Event for Everyone” with 3 stages of music opening with DJ Dragonfly, the hot yoga DJ with global beats.
  • From 5K’s to Botanical Gardens, Seattle‘s most unique event is Earth Gay, showcasing the LGBTQ community’s environmental stewardship.

Wherever you find yourself in the world next month, “Find Yourself” in the world.



Editor: Andrea B.


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