April 5, 2012

Dreams: The Common Denominator.

“All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together.” ~ Jack Kerouac

We all aspire to something, right? I think it changes as we grow, but the one thing that stays the same is the presence of some kind of dream at any given point in our lives.

When I was younger, my dreams were intangible; I wanted to be a movie star and a rock star. As I grew, my dreams shifted, and became more realistic as my view of the world, and those around me changed. I wanted to be a writer, a producer, but most of all I wanted to be happy.

Now that I am older, and I have children of my own, my dreams have changed shape once again, and my aspirations are completely tangible, both the ones I hold for myself, and the hopes I have for my children. I can honestly say that I hope there will never come a time in my life when I am not a “dream being.”

I would say you have to be pretty dedicated to inspiring people to live out their dreams if you are willing to bike your way around the world to do it. What am I talking about? Val and Tay of iBelievethatdreamscancometrue.com. They have started this amazing community project intent on spreading the belief that dreams can come true, sharing stories of people’s personal dreams and inspiring dreams around the world.

Without a penny to their names, these two women have decided to bike their way around the globe to honor their mission. Both having backgrounds in film, they will be taping their journey and posting it on their website for all to see. If that isn’t inspiring, I just don’t know what is.

We were lucky enough to land some time with them last Friday, and they shared a little bit about how all of this came to be and what they are doing to keep the momentum flowing.

“We were on a backpacking trip, something totally random. We had started a production company, and things didn’t work out. We were burnt out all over the place, in our minds, in our bodies, in our souls, in our pockets; so we decided to take a break and go to Taiwan. We met the most amazing gentleman. He was 65 years old when we met him. He lived in a tiny village in Taiwan, that no one really goes to because you can’t actually find it on Google maps. Somehow we ended up there.

He owns this train restaurant that is part of his house. He bought an old train that had been thrown away by the government, made it his home, and set up a restaurant there. So the two of us were sitting in his restaurant and we were just curious about how it came to be. He walked up to us and said “Oh, it’s my dream,” and then he turned around and walked off. We sat with our mouths open, we were at a point where we were young, at the peak of our careers, but things were not working out, we were not happy, and here comes this man slapping us on the face, like hey, wake up. We started to think about what our dreams were.



Cara Fogel, the superwoman marketing and sales director of Hanuman Festival was with us on Friday as well, spreading her sense of community through the airwaves.

“It’s about people coming together, and trying new things, and getting inspired.”

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