God-Sex & the Love Experiment.

Via James Vincent Knowles
on Apr 5, 2012
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(Photo: James Vincent Knowles)

It all begins in total internal silence. Zero worry. Zero fear. Zero expectation.

With an ever so slight amount of excited anticipation which is pure, white, clean and without attention on one’s self, total attention on other, attention which is paradoxically all about one’s inner self—the God or Soul or Spirit, that is the True Self.

Just being there near the other, one’s beloved. Our bodies and minds excited, the self, yours and mine. Your soul, my soul, our inner God if you will, is simply there, now, in present time completely drinking in; with all the senses plus that sixth or seventh or eighth sense often described as chemistry or electricity or energy, but which might more accurately be defined—if it can be at all—as an otherworldliness of one anotherness.

Skipping ahead — all motions slowly become more and more natural, more and more creative, more and more open. Communication flows with and without words, what is conveyed and shared is honest. Without ego. Zero. Just being.

All questions are okay to ask and all answers are allowed. The words spoken drift away.

New ways to explore the beloved are imagined, felt, altered and continuously observed as is the pure giving over of the self to the other. There is no outside world. Nothing can distract. The universe is complete. Nothing else exists. No thoughts, no worries, no fear.

(Photo: James Vincent Knowles)

Everything becomes stimulating, a whisper, a soft touch, goofy giggles and laughter, all completely acceptable and enjoyed by all.

All this and more are found and discovered in the dual solitude we have created gradually, building from parallel perpetual beings coming together in quietude of mind and soul. A convergence occurs; first, one converges with the other, then the other converges with the first—this dual convergence converges at the same time—and this is just the beginning.

The first touches, the first minutes which may seem like hours or seconds or the other way around. Time dissolves, now—just now—a constant state of present time. There is now no time. This is only now time. There is no time now.

This involvement evolves as our dyadic experience leads us to a transubstantial metamorphosis which flows with infinitely meaningful frivolity. There is no urgency other than urgency itself in the moment. There is ebb and flow, glowing, breathing, stopping and starting and easy endless energy.

There is no goal, no end, no beginning—other than the beginning of present time in the now. Delightful flow. It is ceaseless and free of disturbance. It is floating—basking and bathing and taking in of the self to share with the beloved, all at the same time.

(Photo: James Vincent Knowles)

It’s not breakable or fragile. There is no frustration, no performance necessary. Just love, real, shared and given. Breaks are allowed, rests are not arrested, togetherness and separateness are enjoyed separately and together. The levels of convergence are not diverted by tick or tock nor any physical universe shock.

Vertical movement can be horizontal and dimensions swell and sink and collapse and expand without concern of effort. All effort is converted to expansive concern. Elevations of pleasure build and abate and increase and regenerate in a plethora of newly experienced indulgences, amusement and contentment, with each beloved giving and sharing and receiving beyond desire, to a place in the heaven that cannot be described.

At the same time the quantum experience shared is so unreservedly fulfilling, there is no expectation nor addiction as all mystery has been uncovered, all questions answered, and the answers have revealed only more, deeper, penetrating mysteries yet to be uncovered. This togetherness is the art of all art, priceless, external value rendered superfluous and meaningless.

Our expression of selves combined have only ever been attempted. All has been surrendered and received by each. By you. By me. We’ve transposed with one another.

I’ve been you. You’ve been me. We’ve been one, God was allowed to be in us each moment, now.

Together we are just love. Separate, we are just love. When we’re both there, we share this, just love, pure love…God-Sex.


Editor: Andrea B.

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About James Vincent Knowles

James Vincent Knowles has spent the last 43 years as a professional photographer / photojournalist. He studied with Ansel Adams, worked for a small newspaper and is a former member of The White House Press Corps. His photographs have been published world wide in most major magazines. James has worked as a paparazzo and owned a paparazzi photo agency. Whilst working for a well regarded ad agency, James won a couple ADDY awards for his photography. Whilst working for a major University, James won a Bronze Quill award. James quit the paparazzi business at the end of 2010. What James is doing now: Artist. Writer. Bit of a poet. Is an armed but unarmored, amorous, dragon-slaying knight who’s really just a dude who tries to pay attention, who has seen a lot and noticed even more. Here to connect, learn, give a sh*t & contribute... and do a little yoga.


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  1. ManifestYogaJen says:

    so beautiful. You are a poet through and through.

  2. jamesvincentknowles says:

    thank you, Jennifer.

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    Loved this, James.

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  7. jamesvincentknowles says:

    Thank you, Tanya.

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    Namaste, Mamaste … and thank you very much~!

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    Thank you, Andrea.

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    Thank you, Robert. Dig your flow~! namaste

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  13. bneal817 says:

    Most excellent writing James. God-Sex-Love is a beautiful thing…

  14. JVK says:

    Thank you