Keeping It Simple with Yoga.

As human beings we tend to complicate everything. Our biggest failure is that we tend to over complicate life and it gets us in trouble.

Yoga promises to help us simplify, to live authentically. We are encouraged to find our bliss and the contentment, which is our birth right. This focus on simplicity and ease, is one of the big draws of yoga.

So how is it that yoga has gotten so complicated? How is it that if you do a Google search on yoga mats you will get umpteen different sizes, shapes, colors, decors and ingredients? Personally, I long for the days when they gave you a royal blue, standard issue yoga mat that was cut off a roll with the edges slightly uneven. No frills, no brand—just a simple slab of rubber. It did the job, and you were grateful.

Could it be that the now established “yoga industry” is conspiring  to make our lives more complicated by getting us to shell out more of our hard earned cash on the purchase of totally unnecessary yoga gear and yoga wear? I mean seriously, do we really need egg shaped yoga blocks?

Is it possible that an organization with the word “yoga” in its name—could actually be anti-yoga?

Is it possible that we are being spoon fed an idea about yoga that has absolutely nothing to do with the ancient practice of yoga with its Hindu roots?

I am on a one woman crusade to simplify yoga and simplify my life in the process. I loathe complication. I loathe unnecessary details, side trips, dead end roads and deep pot holes.

I prefer my journey to be smooth, easy and to take the shortest distance between two points. I have no use for distraction, diversion or restlessness.

Hence, I swear by the idea that yoga is essentially a relationship that you have with your breath. Period. End of sentence. No more, no less.

Yes, you read that correctly . . . . but just to ensure there is no question, I’ll say it again. Yoga is essentially a relationship you have with your breath.

And to drive home my point, I have created a video which elaborates on this simple concept.

And I know here on elephant journal I am preaching to the choir. But still, I think it’s easy to get hung up on having the perfect chaturanga or matching yoga bag. But when we are breathing easy, the obsessions begin to melt away like candle wax.



Editor: Brianna Bemel

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Dee Greenberg

Dee Greenberg is a freelance yoga instructor and spiritual warrior, residing six miles from the beach, in Delray Beach, Florida. Dee’s resume includes 13 plus years of teaching yoga, four years owning a yoga studio and 40+ years of personal yoga practice. Trained in both Kripalu and Prana Flow (Shiva Rea), Dee’s teaching style is a homogenous blend of both, with a strong sprinkling of intuitive spirituality thrown into the mix. She spends most of her free time drumming, dancing and pursuing various types of fitness, including running and lifting weights. To join Dee for Yoga Trance Dance in Delray Beach check her website. Add Dee as a friend on Facebook.