What Marilyn’s Measurements Prove.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Apr 11, 2012
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Miley Cyrus: “You can be adored by thousands of men, even when your thighs touch.”

Miley Cyrus: Gluten-Free, Lactose-Intolerant, Fit vs. Thin, Anorexia & Body Image.

“It’s not about Weight, it’s about Health.”

Marilyn’s size fluctuated over the years. What didn’t fluctuate was her comfort with her own body. Those were different times? True. But maitri is eternally essential–not just physically, but emotionally.


She varied in weight over her life, as you’ll see in the photos. The point is–all of us vary, too, and we need to focus on making friends with ourselves, and being healthy—not on hating what we see in the mirror when it doesn’t match up to what society tells us is “hot.”



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“There’s nothing more important on our spiritual path than developing gentleness to oneself.” ~ Pema Chodron


Via Huffington Post:

…19-year-old actress has been ramping up her workouts and sporting a thinner frame, but on April 8, Cyrus tweeted a photo of herself inhaling the contents of a Carl’s Jr. takeout bag and wrote, “I can’t eat it. So I’m just gonna smell the shittttt out of it! My mouth is LITERALLY watering.”

The comment, coupled with her recent weight loss, caused concern for some fans.

So she responded with this tweet:

Love that.

Via Miley’s own tweets:

“By calling girls like me fat this is what you’re doing to other people. i love MYSELF & if you could say the same…you wouldn’t be sitting on your computer trying to hurt others.”

Back to Huff:

she [then] posted a photo of an emaciated woman.

Miley followed up that tweet by posting a photo of Marilyn Monroe with the caption,

“PROOF that you can be adored by thousands of men, even when your thighs touch.”

Curves are beautiful.” Fit is beautiful. Self-acceptance is brave, and beautiful.

>>> More Miley being surprisingly awesome.



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Images. Huff Post (click images for link).



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26 Responses to “What Marilyn’s Measurements Prove.”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    Catherine Kustanczy let's see what she has to say when she's pushing 40.
    16 minutes ago · Like · 3
    elephantjournal.com And, doing yoga: http://www.elephantjournal.com/2011/05/miley-cyru

    Miley Cyrus nails Natarajasana. (Plus, Yogadork revealed! Slightly!) http://www.elephantjournal.com
    Miley Cyrus nails Natarajasana. (Plus, Yogadork revealed! Slightly!)
    15 minutes ago · Like ·
    elephantjournal.com Catherine, read before commenting…the context is that she's long been attacked for being "curvy," though folks haven't been that polite. Now, she's being attacked for…
    14 minutes ago · Like · 4

    Jennifer Brown Too much focus on looks
    12 minutes ago · Like

    Catherine Kustanczy I did – and I stand by my view that it's easy for Miley to hold those beliefs because she has the benefit of operating in a world where youth is valued. It's easy to say "love your curves" when you're as young as she is. I'm not so sure she'll feel as confident when age becomes a factor. That Marilyn postcard has been passed around like crazy on the internet – but it's not what we see in popular culture, particularly when it comes to women near or pushing 40.
    10 minutes ago · Like · 3

    Missy Gardner it's absurd when someone gets in shape and loses weight (in a healthy way… i.e. amping up workouts… which are GOOD for you, BTW) and then faces "concerns" over their weight loss. there is nothing wrong w/being in shape. different body types.. yes! everyone's different. but lately there is a reverse snobbery going on in regards to thin/lean women. just cuz you're not curvy does not mean you're anorexic or unhealthy. not having a lot of body fat is not bad.
    4 minutes ago · Unlike · 1

    Roseanne Harvey there are women who have thighs that don't touch?!? who are these women?
    2 minutes ago · Like

    Johnnie Cop The thighs touch, and I am still adored. Maybe SHE won't be adored when HER thighs touch. I'm good.
    2 minutes ago · Like
    elephantjournal.com Johnnie, again, read the blog. She's been criticized for years for being "curvy," which is more polite than what she's been called. Now that she's on an exercise regimen, she's been criticized…read the blog?
    about a minute ago · Like
    elephantjournal.com Well, Catherine, perhaps we could pause and applaud a young woman who was confident enough to defend her curves, and others', and now is working not to fall into body image obsession.

  2. Karuna says:

    Everyone in the United States should watch Miss Representation. Now. It will open your eyes to the reality of the "ideal" body image, which is actually the "impossible" body image designed by advertisers to create anxiety in order to sell products in our capitalist society. The ideal body image in reality is individual, so we can have the freedom to love ourselves just the way we are. And let the adoration flow…

  3. the_red_mala says:

    She had me at "it's about health" and lost me at "you can be adored by thousands of men, even when your thighs touch". I realize she (and Elephant Journal) is well-intentioned, but once again this post sends the message to women that as long as they are attractive to heterosexual men, their body size is acceptable (whether thin or curvy). Implied is the idea that a woman's worth is hinged on her ability to please and arouse men. Women are so much more than this! EJ, please stop propagating these disempowering messages that do little more than further objectify women.

    • Cali says:

      Yes! My thoughts exactly. You can be attractive to men when your legs touch, but that is not the point. The point is that women too often let society’s interpretation of what men want define what they “should” look like. The point is there is no “should” and the other parts about a person are so much more lovely than their appearance- or at least they are typically. Be healthy because it’s healthy.

      Value your thoughts and actions. When you can take pride in your work, when you can be happy despite externalities.. That is when you’ll be happy.

    • Hadley says:

      I completely agree, I actually hid Elephant Journal from my Facebook feed because of this. I have been reading many feminist and especially anti-porn articles today and what do I see on my Newsfeed? The supposedly "spiritual" Elephant Journal with a picture of Monroe's crotch. If you think this is empowering, you are wrong. I'm not even going to do the play nice and be non-judgemental. I am bothered by these recent hypersexualized images being put up on Elephant Journal, of all places! Women's worth does not hinge on their body's appearance, whether her thighs touch or not or whether she is adored by thousands of men or one man or no man. As long as we have this idea in the society then it is a misogynistic society. How about some real substance here? Enough EJ 'gets sexy.' For what, more views? Why post an article about a celebrity's body anyway? There are plenty of gossip magazines for that!! Maybe I was wrong about EJ.

    • hurricaneandrea315 says:

      Yes, exactly, thank you. My first thought when I read the quote in that headline was, "I really hope that's not the 'empowering' part." I only clicked in hopes that this might be a place where women didn't have to explain why "it's ok straight men will still deign to bang you" is NOT a validation at all. Benevolent misogyny is so insidious.

      • Apoptosis says:

        "Benevolent misogyny". Love that.

        “PROOF that you can be adored by thousands of men, even when your thighs touch.”

        As if that's the be-all, end-all.

        She's young, she cut her teeth on being sold as a commodity and if I'm not mistaken, was being sexually marketed in skimpy outfits as young as 16. This is how she frames why it's good to have curves, because this is all she (and many young women) know. They know how to relate to their bodies primarily through the lens of what is attractive to men. I'm not knocking them. I was one of them.

        I am gratified by the spirit of her push-back, but she's got a long way to with regards to understanding just why this kind of scrutiny is so shitty. I don't blame her. I hope for her sake (and the sake of young women who admire her) she clues in to what she's saying and what she's missing. Loving yourself should have nothing to do with who may or may not want to fuck you in your present physical state.

        And Waylon? Your intentions were good, but you're missing the bigger picture. At least, that's what this blurb suggests. Think of it this way: what if I were to tell you, "Don't listen to people who ridicule you. It's o.k. that you're a Buddhist. There are still plenty of women that want to have sex with Buddhists!"


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  5. guest says:

    good for her. though gluten is only crap for the aprox 10% of the population who is intolerant. for everyone else it's fine.(true story!)

  6. apoptosis says:

    I appreciate the spirit of your wanting to post this. Sadly, it doesn't live up to the intention. Still judging bodies according to what heterosexual men will find attractive.

    This is a much more thoughtful rant on the subject of being judged on one's appearance. Have you read it? You should. Who knew Ashley Judd was such a thoughtful, ass-kicking feminist?

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  10. […] is wise and she is beautiful. She does not hide her femininity, but rather embraces her curvy hips, her gentle belly and her round breasts. She knows in every cell of her body she is a miracle, and […]

  11. Charlize says:

    what lack of imagination. It's hard to say your intentions are good, though those sensitive enough to critique your insulting, classist comments are also likely sensitive enough not to want to hurt your feelings. And perhaps you have truly willed yourself to be that ignorant: there really isnt any blame, but please, do your part of the work and wake up — dont let my "emotional" tone prevent you from waking up, either.

    What were your intentions? Besides the above commentts pointing out your "benevolent" slave-master qualities, I could point out that Marilyn killed herself at leaste partly due to th narrow imagination of reporters and press such as yourself. Those who "interpret" the value of others — thus defining the standards of anothers worth without valuing the input of the individual herself (yes, Marilyn was a human — even women who aren't famous and loved by millions of unimaginative fans are human!). another "dilemma" is the devaluation of sex, which is not the opposite of deep — but it is maligned with a "doomed" group: women and inferiority. This alignment is also nothing more than a capitalist product of a pithy imagination that is against life. Honestly, please question your "right livlihood". Write about yourself instead. critique and define limitations of values for yourself if that helps get out the junk in your head. As a gender class, women have enough to shake off beside you and your fleas. Sorry if you are unnerved by "emotion" but I feel it's important as well to challenge the moralization of emotion — which is another way to de-value the "subjectivity" of oppressed people. — "I say the normal, popularized thing, and it's "neutral" (non-emotional, since it is robotic) and if someone says something emotional or different, it is "biased" and "crazy"'

    not that you don't have a ton more deception up your sleeve, I'm just improvising here. Best, Charlize

  12. […] a world of Cosmo BJ tips, porn sex ed and pre-pubescent pin-up girls, I often lament the dearth of quality articles, research and erotica from an empowered, mature […]

  13. Phil O'Malley says:

    FKFM you are just gross. Unthinkable. Everyone has an opinion, yes. Moving on, everyone has a physique that some may find attractive while others may not. Life is pretty short. Love yourself. Never look to others for self-approval. Be cool with who you are. Hats off to Miley. Success is the reward for hard work. Bullting and insulting others is the lowest form of self-elevation. Weak people always throw boulders at those that are “easy targets.” Ignore bullies. Keep smiling. If you must seek revenge on bullies, living well is the best revenge. Peace to All. V

  14. I'm stuck on the "gluten is crap." Only is it crap when you are allergic to gluten. For everyone else it's fine.

  15. Amy E says:

    Marilyn was stunning. The camera loved her. She wasn't tiny, but she had a very tiny waist. Marilyn is reputed to have done some weight training at a time when other women weren't interested in that. I saw some old photos once of her working her triceps.

    • shannon says:

      Marilyn was tiny, she was only 5 ft 5 and her weight fluctuated between 118 to about 140, she was pregnant when this photograph by Sam Shaw was taken in 1957. She was by today's sizes a 4. Have you seen her costumes on display? Very tiny. She learned to lift weights on Catalina Island by an ex Olympian weight lifter when her husband was stationed there in the military. The photos of her lifting weights were taken by Philippe Halsman in 1952-53.

  16. liesl says:

    i find it both embarrassing and pathetic that woman were EVER measured like that and that we are still referring to that. this is why the issue remains….. because people still talk about it. yes, it is okay to be thin, it is okay to be fat, it is okay to be anywhere in between…. it is NOT okay to be obsessed about it…. being that kind of shallow should not be socially acceptable.

  17. Gabi says:

    Those measurements are inaccurate. You cannot have a waist 14″ smaller than your bust & hips while looking proportionate. I have very large hips with a tiny waist & bust: 32-26-39… So I know what disproportion looks like. Also, I am 5’5 & weigh 130 lbs. I know muscle weighs more than fat, but I have my jiggle parts! So if this is supposed to make women feel better, the real measurements should be presented— or omitted if unknown. 118 lbs if they were “Boxing Helena” her!

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