April 16, 2012

Resurrecting Happy.


What do you want most in your life?

If you are like most people you would say, “to be happy.”

Even if you said more money, a lover, a nicer home ask yourself why you want those things. I would suggest you believe having them will be more happy.

What if you could just be happy now–even without them?

Our “American dream” culture suggests that we will be happy when we get more money, more status or more reputation but recently released studies suggest that, although the wealth of the average North American has doubled in the last 50 years, we are actually not any happier. So we have bigger houses and nicer cars but we are not actually happier.

So what does make us happy?

Research suggests humans are happiest when they focus on these three intrinsic values:
•    Personal growth or connecting to who we really are as individuals and unfolding our purpose
•    Cultivating close relationships or being a part of a community of like-minded people
•    Being in service to others and the world

I am not suggesting you abandon your Porsche and live in a yurt, but if you are seeking to resurrect happiness then connect to your self, connect to others and just lend a helping hand.

Rather than negating yourself, take that course or learning that you feel called to.

Rather than isolating, ask someone to go for coffee or just smile at a stranger.

Rather than saying it’s not your problem, pick up that piece of garbage or help someone with childcare.

I guarantee you will feel happier.

Like me you may have spent many years of life working, striving, wanting to improve, overcome, succeed and achieve – which is all good but in the end for what if we are not happy?

I dedicate this spring to the resurrection of happy! I still have a ‘to do’ list and love moving and shaking but at the top of my list every day is, “seek happy.”

Much love to you all.


editor: Greg Eckard



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