April 4, 2012

Take Action. (Because You Create You). ~ Kelli Prieur


Taking Your Daily Dose of Responsibility Isn’t Always the Easiest Pill in the Pack to Swallow.

Because wearing the weight of your actions is big, and heavy, and hearty.

And it’s hard work.

(And how many of us like hard work, really?)

It’s so much easier and requires so much less effort to wait for someone else to put in the hard yards, to fill the seat of handy-man, and fix all the cracks and the chips and the parts of you that have begun to fall apart, to misalign, to miss the marks and the goals that you’ve set for yourself.

It’s so much easier to throw up your hands, shrug your shoulders, and give the reigns to someone else. It’s too easy to give up, or to wait or to hope for life, or circumstances, or a relationship to change, to promote change.

It’s so much less work to place the reasons, the justifications and the explanations for why it is we’re not living the life we desire, onto someone else’s shoulders, rather than place that power in the palms of our own hands.

I know it’s scary, I know it can be overwhelming and seemingly impossible to figure out the directions to where it is you’re going, but you can do this.

And I know that the sheer act of deciding to reclaim your direction and take charge of your life, although expected to make you feel powerfully potent and full of potential, can leave you anxiety-riddled and paralysed with the weight of your world on your shoulders, but decide to take the drivers seat anyways.

It’s time now, if you haven’t already, to take control of your life.

It’s time for you to start running your own show, from all angles –– director, producer, writer, editor, set designer, lead star.

It’s time to turn thoughts and intentions into action.

It’s time to create, and cut out and cultivate.

After all, this life, your life, is your production, your play, your feature film, your greatest hit, your brilliantly bright blockbuster breakout.


Running your own life isn’t easy, but it’s what needs to be done if you want to get to where it is you think you’re going.

So stay focused on what it is you want.

Stay aligned and stay dedicated and persistent and patient.

Don’t let yourself be scared, or tempted, or fooled into complacency, into giving up shot gun and taking the back seat, the easy road out of steering your own vehicle. Don’t allow yourself to be convinced that if you look away enough, if you ignore the ripples of the water you’ve been treading, things may just smooth out, even out, pan out, on their own.

Because they won’t.

If what you’re doing now isn’t working, if the patterns you follow and the habits you hail aren’t clearing and paving the pathways of your dreams and desires, how do you expect to get there?

You’ve got to change to create change.

You’ve got to take action to get action.

Intention isn’t enough.

Wishing and hoping and praying to Allah and Durgah and Ganesh and Jesus and Mohamed and your Uncle Sam isn’t going to be enough.

Creating 16 vision boards with colour coded, 3D designs, with brain-surgeon –– rocket-science specificity is not going to be enough to get you living your dreams.

On some level, you actually have to start doing.

On some level, you have to start creating, and being and moving towards your dreams, your destiny, your divinity.

You have to stop waiting and blaming and transferring responsibility to the Universe, to your lack of luck, that dick-head boss, your angry father, your broken relationship, your lack of money, or community, to your newfound role as a mother, or wife, or CEO.

So, take responsibility –– gulp that sucker down.

Grab the reins, the front seat, the chisel and paint brush, the mortar and pestle, and start being the being who creates their own life.

No one else can do it for you.

You are the creation, the creator, the artist, the masterpiece.

So start being that which you are.

You create your life, your dreams, your destiny.

You create you.


Editor: Lindsay Friedman


Kelli Prieur is a yogi and a lover, a believer and a mother. She’s fiery and she’s flawed, full and empty and still searching and trying, failing and flailing, wandering through life, looking for the sweetness and the raw truths and the loves and lightness. She’s a teacher and a writer, a photo-taker and a maker. She’s looking for happiness in the simple things, the spaces between, the shades of light, the moments she slips through when she’s sleepy, when she’s lonely, when she’s wishing she was somewhere else. She’s trying to look for the good with her heart full and her palms open, and she’s here with hopes of offering, and keeping’ it fresh and real and hopefully, bright. She writes a regular blog and runs retreats both locally in Australia, as well as internationally. follow Kelli’s HeartGlow Yoga Retreats on Facebook.

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