April 15, 2012

The Dating Games. ~ Stephanie Bailey

Dating games are not always played willingly. Most of the time, this is a game you would rather not play at all.

Sometimes Dating Games are played from the moment you meet someone or they happen after you have been dating for a while. If they happen after you have been dating for a while this is a big sign that the other person has lost interest. The games at this point are usually used to push you away rather than bring you closer. This of course can back fire and make you think you want the person more. Unfortunately, many of us think that some attention is better than no attention.

1) A Game that’s Very Popular: “The Chase…Is Over!”

This is a very short version of Capture the Flag.

“The Chase Is Over!” is when someone is only trying to flirt or “date” you just to sleep with you. Once they do get you in bed and have captured your “sexual flag”….the game is over!

2) Most Frustrating Game of All: “Am I Ever Going To Be Enough?”

This is similar to playing twister after consuming lots of alcohol; it seems like fun at first but then gets complicated and messy.

“Am I Ever Going To Be Enough?” is when you’re dating someone who has a lot going on in their life it can be sexy and mysterious at first. This however usually doesn’t last long before getting on your nerves. When you are dating someone who you only see once or twice a week (if that much) and they are on their cell phone the entire time, that’s a clue that you are not enough for them.

No one likes to feel like they are sixth, seventh or eighth in someone’s life; kids (if they have them), work, their pet(s), family, friends, sporting activities, workout schedule, TV…then you! No fun. If someone can’t fit you into their life and make you feel valued, it’s time to move on.

3) Most Common Dating Game: “Should I Pick Up The Phone?”

This is a harsh version of Dodge Ball.

Your communication is the ball and they are doing a great job at dodging you.

“Should I Pick Up The Phone?” is when the person you’re dating is always on their phone; texting or talking but suddenly chooses to not respond when you call or text.

Usually most people have their cell phones in their pocket, purse or on a nearby table. What makes this game not so fun; this person used to pick up, call or get back to you ASAP. Can you say ouch!

4) Frequently Played Game: “Are We Dating?”

This is a bad game of charades because you’re always guessing.

“Are We Dating?” is when you are questioning if you are still dating someone due to the lack of effort they are putting in the “relationship.” When you make the effort to call them they act like everything is fine and will make plans to see you. But, if you don’t call and follow up, they don’t reach out to you. This sounds like a losing team.

5) Game Played Quite a Bit: “Do I Know You?”

This is an adult version of Hide and Seek; you are “it” and they are hiding in plain sight.

“Do I Know You?” is when you unexpectedly bump into the person you are dating and they act like they don’t know you. They hardly acknowledge you and refrain from any physical contact. Their behavior is so bad that a stranger would hardly know you are friends let alone exclusively dating. Seriously?

6) Overly Played Game:  “Will She/He Call?”

This is an annoying game of Operator.

“Will She/He Call?” If this is a question you’re asking you probably know the answer….move on!

The bottom line, dating games are not only very exasperating, they suck. Stay true to yourself, listen to your heart and know when enough is enough!


Edited by: Hayley Samuelson



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Mary Eby Sep 17, 2012 3:47am

I agree that dating game could be just one sided. Although I'm glad that I met my partner at the <a href="http://www.datingperth.com” target=”_blank”>www.datingperth.com and now we're living happily. You just need to discern well if that person has genuine feelings for you.

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