The Discombobulated Self: Mix it up & Get Clarity.

Via Grace Ventura Sardonicus
on Apr 2, 2012
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Have you ever felt discombobulated?

You know what I mean. When your world feels like it’s turned upside down and inside out all topsy turvy, really messy.

Generally, we struggle to hold our lives together. The thing is if we don’t let our hair down, and let it get messy, we end up feeling really out of sorts. The only way to get to clarity is by rolling in the muck and facing the mess head on.

The path of living from your true heart is not for the faint of heart.

So now what? Your hair is down, you’re still in your pajamas, no make-up, and the kids are wondering is mom going crazy? Why is she running in circles? Why is she in a puddle on the floor? What’s wrong or right with this picture?

To begin with, there’s nothing wrong. On the contrary, it’s perfect. When you are willing to truly honor your feelings (without a story) whatever they may be, this is the first, most powerful step to liberating your true heart.

As a mom of six and a spiritual guide/healer, I can say with authority that going to yoga class, meditating, and letting my family know I am taking time for myself to connect with my heart and body rather than theirs is a really healthy thing to do for the entire family.

Perhaps you are ready for a deeper experience of self care and spiritual exploration. Perhaps you have been playing small, hiding the powerful person you are while waiting for the kids to grow up. Is this really how you want to live? Someday they too will be taking care of others and will need to have time for themselves. Where will they be if their role models were doing, doing, doing for others without paying attention to their own peace of mind?

Are you ready to stop hiding and get clear about your life? Into the kitchen we go!

Let’s Alchemize! In Grace’s Kitchen you have the opportunity to create a delectable life. Ingredients include:

Feelings: The ones you dread and the ones you love.

Breath: Long, deep, slow breaths to connect you inside.

Commitment: Take necessary actions to move through your mess.

Success: In life’s arenas that matter most to you!

Step 1How do you want to feel?

Emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually? Make a list of your top favorite feelings in each category. Breathe into the heart. What feelings make your heart swoon, come alive, feel expansive?

How about your body? Breathe into feelings that make your body feel alive, free, energized, relaxed. Listen and pay attention to what is present.

Your Mind? What feelings make your mind feel clarity, inspiration, creativity? Don’t stuff your true feelings. Breathe into an expansive mind.

What about your spirituality? What feelings elicit a deep recognition of spirit, God, higher consciousness, awareness, etc.? Enjoy this time of exploration and creativity.

Step 2: List activities or non-activities eliciting these feelings for each category.

Is there anyone you enjoy sharing these activities with? Or would you rather do them alone?

Step 3: Call to Action

Bottom line, if you know the answers but don’t take an action, your knowledge is useless. So start engaging in activities & connecting with people consistent with the inner knowing/feeling in your gut. Try this exercise for 1 week.

I call this process: Alchemy of Spirit. The definition of Alchemy is a power or process of transforming something common into something divine. Are you ready to create a life from your divine essence?

There is no time like the present to take action. You may just be moments away from your divine essence rather than years. Either way it doesn’t matter.  When you take sacred time and space for yourself, everybody wins.


Editor: Jennifer Cusano


About Grace Ventura Sardonicus

I offer to you who have a deep yearning to re-discover your essence...Your lovability...Your truth... To stand in you power as a woman, integrated & whole with body, mind and spirit. Restore & mend the sacred relationship with Mother, your feel the pureness of self love, trust, nurturance & support that is within you. How I Work As a Mother-Mentor, Transformational Life Coach, Healer, Yoga Instructor & Mindful Mama of 6 ages 17-28… I have a deep calling to work with women in their relationship to Mother. There are so many women in this world who have a burdened heart, a history with Mother that hurts; that impacts & influences their lives everyday…the places they don’t stick their head up high, step out into the world with confidence, faith & ways they know they can.I work with individuals in their own relationship & Mothers/Daughters together to create a relationship that is life giving & supportive. 35 years ago I began my study of the body through Art, Energy work, Massage, Dance, Tai Chi & Yoga. I wanted to deepen & crack the code of the heart. To be a Healer & fall in love! I went for it through Native American sweat lodge ceremonies, vision quests, Intensive Meditation Retreats, Transformational inner journeys & rigorous study of the body through more traditional schooling. I have taught Self Care & Mother-Daughter Workshops, Yoga, Meditation, Four Agreements & Transformational power journeys to the Pyramids of Teotihuacán, Mexico. My extensive pilgrimages to India, sacred sites in Mexico & Greece have inspired profound awareness & creativity including an upcoming book, Mother How Can This Be? Unanswered Questions as Children but were Too Afraid to Ask. I am the author of Four Alignments of Self Care: The Journey of Aligning Body, Mind & Spirit to Cultivate Excellent Self Care, which inspired several workshops. Many Blessings of Love & Light, Grace Ventura


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