Time to Dance Walk, Baby!

Via Andrea Balt
on Apr 28, 2012
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If you’re not the gym type, the yoga type, the outdoor type or the any-kind-of-fitness type, here’s the perfect exercise for you.

All you need is music and a public place…

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*Bonus: Outtakes!


Dance walking is going viral worldwide.

I challenge you to dance walk to your favorite song on your way to work or any other place this week. And then come back and tell us all about it.

Life is too hard and too short not to dance walk through it.


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7 Responses to “Time to Dance Walk, Baby!”

  1. Eric says:

    That was perfect with the guy wearing the "Mind/Body/Spirit" t-shirt walking past him, but Ben needs some help with his dance moves. Just sayin 🙂

  2. Katherine says:

    Dancing in the Streets! <3

  3. Andréa Balt says:

    Via Facebook:

    Francesca Moreno i hope you dont mind i repost it! i.thought it was great to share 🙂 cheers
    19 hours ago · Like

    Andréa Balt Please share away! We're indie media and we depend on the people (we're the people)! The more shares, the better. Thank you!!
    19 hours ago · Like · 3

    Sharon Pingitore Now this Ben Aaron LXTV NBC, he's a NY Hipster. I ♥ him!
    19 hours ago · Unlike · 1

    Kim Waid Schierl another great one today! Thanks for the smile. Sharing this, too.
    19 hours ago · Unlike · 1

    Kristi Carney Dunkley ‎…yet another reason ILNY!!!!!
    18 hours ago · Unlike · 1

    Astri Bueno-Carbonell ♥ it 🙂
    11 hours ago · Unlike · 1

    Lesley McBain that's it , that' what I've been waiting for , I-Pod reloaded and off I go, yeah
    10 hours ago · Unlike · 1

  4. Andréa Balt says:

    Ah, the irony. 🙂

  5. Anna says:

    Dancing Through Life, baby, YEAH!

  6. Lara says:

    Already dance walk at home when putting away the laundry, but now it's time to take it to the streets and share the joy. We'll see if Utah's ready for it.

  7. Are you serious? Half the village I live in does that on a normal day….