Wasted Lives.

Via Erin Kouvas
on Apr 30, 2012
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I feel like I’ve been moving in slow motion lately.

I feel like doing nothing all of the time.

Lying in bed and watching the shadows on the wall. Listening to my breath. Feeling it move my chest up and down, thinking about the bones that are moving in coordination with that breath.

I guess that this is not actually doing nothing. All of this is contemplation about the smallest details that are happening in each moment. It’s about really feeling them and appreciating.

Over my head, I see the bronze butterfly,

Asleep on the black trunk,

blowing like a leaf in green shadow.

Down the ravine behind the empty house,

The cowbells follow one another

Into the distances of the afternoon.

To my right,

In a field of sunlight between two pines,

The droppings of last year’s horses

Blaze up into golden stones.

I lean back, as the evening darkens and comes on.

A chicken hawk floats over, looking for home.

I have wasted my life.


“I have wasted my life.” This line from the poem, “Lying In A Hammock At William Duffy’s Farm In Pine Island, Minnesota,” lets us know that in this quiet, reflective moment he really gets it. He wishes that more of his life had been spent doing just this. Doing nothing but appreciating the beauty of what is and being present for it.

I want more of this in my life. I wish you the same, my friend.


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About Erin Kouvas

Erin Kouvas is a believer in magic, in love and in all things wonderful. She has a penchant for travel, writing, photography, dance, music, and yoga. She admires the sunset, a fresh flower, bravery and real people (who are often brave). She is a yoga instructor, owns and teaches out of Yoga Urth in Warren Ohio and has nothing but love for the wonderful people in her life. She is grateful. Amen. http://satisfythishungriness.blogspot.com Facebook Erin


6 Responses to “Wasted Lives.”

  1. Tanya Lee Markul says:

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    Tanya Lee Markul, Yoga Editor
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  2. Erin Kouvas says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  3. Eric says:

    One of my dearest friends worked very hard (14 yrs.) to get his Doctorate–and then he finally got his dream job making six figures, and he recently told me: "After everything, the money doesn't mean much…what I really enjoy is going to the park after work and just sitting in the woods and listening."

  4. Erin says:

    Eric, that’s awesome. Thanks for sharing his story! If we get money for doing something we love, that’s great. But after having been on both sides of the fence…having and not having, money is not the satisfaction that most people expect it to be. It’s great to be able to buy “stuff” but I think we all know that is not what really fulfills us.

  5. Eric says:

    Στην υγειά σου!!

  6. Erin says:

    To our health, indeed! 🙂 I had to ask my husband to translate…I won't lie. Have a good night!