May 21, 2012

Brave The Elements.

Courtesy of Craig Kelman

It’s worth it.

Trust me.

I’m not saying go out there barefoot in minus fifty-degree weather and get hypothermia. But, should the weather permit, get out amidst the elements and embrace them.

One or two things though:

Take a sweater. Layer up and shed them off as needs be.

If it’s hot where you live, buy a white mat. No, seriously. Buy one. This may sound crazy, but if you have a black mat, as I did, and it heats up to the point where the soles of your feet feel as if they are standing in lava, you will understand the white mat recommendation.

Bring icy cold water.

Bring sunglasses, preferably plastic and ones that don’t slip off every two seconds.

The outdoors thing stems from a general love of nature, the environment and being able to incorporate being outside into everything I do. I grew up in Scotland, with my wonderful father dragging me out hiking or biking come rain or shine. In Scotland, you can guarantee it’s more likely to be rain.

I now have some preferences to what types of weather I prefer for certain activities.

Snow means it’s time for skiing, cross country skiing or snowshoeing (bit of a given really).

Rain says mountain biking and running, because I like getting muddy and filthy. It makes me feel hard and cool (yes, I really am that lame).

Sunshine is yoga, hiking, tennis and all water sports.

Everyone has his or her own preferences. Some people love swimming in the rain or being in a cozy studio when it’s cold out. I know some runners who love running in snow (these people are crazy—my father used to do this and I can definitely vouch for the fact that he is crazy).

But, back to my original point…brave the elements. Yes, it’s hard to find your balance when 99% of things outside seem to move or sway or flutter, so there are no fixed points and you have to wear sun block (and sun glasses), but being able to feel the breeze and the sun kissing your skin makes it all worthwhile.


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