May 25, 2012

Classic Interview. Respect, Anderson Cooper.

I gave him props for this unrelated story, just two days ago. Doing journalism right, and not taking cheap shots at those who are clearly, painfully, hatefully ignorant.

And now this: once again Anderson, poignantly considering his own experience, is respectful and genuinely curious with those for whom hate is made acceptable through their glaring ignorance:

Bigoted Church Member Defends Pastor Worley.”

“Maybe it was something he just felt like should happen!”

Best Reddit comment: “2:05 he transitions into primate study.”

Another instaclassic: “Want to know what’s really funny? These people believe gay people aren’t born, they choose to be gay. Yet, this pastor wants to separate lesbians from gay men so that they can’t reproduce. There would be no need to separate gay men and lesbians unless you think they would produce gay babies, but that goes against what they already think, that is, people aren’t born gay.

These people are so dumb they don’t even fully understand the dumb shit they think…”

Another: “The property values inside that fence are going to skyrocket.”

The pastor’s sermon.


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Read 5 comments and reply

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