May 22, 2012

Girls Girls Girls. ~ Lindsay Friedman

If I had a diary, this show would be the television version of it.

Eccentric women thoroughly enjoying their 20s, with wacky jobs and lively sex-capades. This show will give you every reason to laugh at all your misadventures.

I am into episode six of the HBO’s hottest television show, Girls, written by the 26-year-old comedian and actress, Lena Dunham. In this hilarious depiction of Lena’s life after college, Hannah (Lena’s character) and her NYC friends experience the transition from the comforts of college to being independent women in the real world.

After the first episode, I was hooked. I felt that every experience—awkward, sexual, funny, embarrassing, emotional—was telling the story of me and my friends. My friends and I, some who have graduated and some who have not, are going through this transition from college women with few responsibilities to real women who are going to make a difference in this world. Dunham captures us exquisitely, no matter how weird our private moments may be.

The beauty of this show is how relatable it is. We’ve all experienced that talk of cutting financial ties with our parents or an awkward sexual experience that left you feeling shitty about yourself, but I have never seen a show portray misadventures so well.

This may sound a little crazy, but I have gone through the same thing Marnie in Episode 3: All Adventurous Women Do. I was seeing a guy that was too nice to me and I didn’t like it. I didn’t know what to do about someone who genuinely liked me without playing games. It was as if Marnie and I wanted guys who are a bit of an assh*le yet super sweet. Classic catch-22.

Check out the trailer of Girls:


A few days ago when I was browsing HBO’s free movies On Demand, I stumbled upon Tiny Furniture, a movie by Dunham, which I believe to be the inspiration for Girls. I was immediately excited and now obsessed.

The characters are slightly different and it begins with Lena moving back home with her mother and sister instead of living on her own in NYC. She is going through a rough college transition and wants the people around her to let her be—let her make mistakes without judgment, drink all of her mother’s alcohol without repercussions and stay out late while she has one night stands in the park. This hilarious movie will make you want more—more of Lena’s hilarious realities.

Here’s the trailer:


Lindsay Friedman is a senior studying environmental science and sustainable development at the University of Colorado at Boulder. She is an intern at elephant journal and has a part time job at The Fitter. She is a true Chicagoan turned mountain girl. Follow her on twitter: Laine0315.

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